Well, this is awkward!

Ages ago I stuck an email signup form at the bottom of my website – I had no big plans for it, in fact I had no plans for it! I just knew it was what all the cool kids were doing on their websites and I wanted in on the action.

Fast forward to today and I note that I have nearly 100 people who have kindly shared their email address with me but have yet to receive anything of value in return (some would argue my silence is a valuable commodity!).

It just so happens I have some pretty cool projects I would love some feedback on, and I would like to ask your opinion on some stuff.

First, the projects.
  • WorkingWall – I made a silly website to test out some Meteor and Webcam API stuff. The idea of the app is that if you are working from home or remotely you might want to get a bit of a sense of community. I have written about it and included links to the code and stuff if you are interested in having a look.
  • CreepedIn – This is a site for people to share creepy messages they have received on LinkedIn. Unfortunately there are already quite a few! Again I have written about it in more detail if you are interested.
Now, the feedback and questions!
  • What would you love to be receiving from me in these emails? Right now I don't think I am going to send anymore until I feel I have something to say, but if you have any ideas for content please do let me know!
  • I have been trying to write more this year and part of that has got me writing on some pretty cool blogs as a guest author (The case for accessible web design and What every web developer should know about SEO are two examples). Are there any blogs you would love to see my content on? I will happily contact anyone you recommend!
  • I am tempted to submit a talk to Brighton Ruby – is there anything you would love to hear?
Finally, some other stuff I have been doing

If you have made it this far into the email, thank you! I promise this is the last section. Thanks so much for reading! It means a lot to me.

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