Farm Announcement from Farm Owner Cliff Miller
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"I believe the most important thing if you want to be a steward of the land is to be open to possibilities."
- Cliff Miller,
Farming for the Future by Piedmont Environmental Council
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Dear Friends and Customers of Mount Vernon Grassfed,

It is with excitement and confidence in the future that I announce some changes in the ownership of the animals and the distribution of our products some of you have been buying for the last 12 years.  On or about October 1, Mike and Molly Peterson will begin a new LLC, Heritage Hollow Farms, and they will essentially continue producing the same strong products on the same farms in the same manner as we have, and also gain the creativity and energy that comes with working for themselves.  In doing so, they will take over the growing and marketing of products produced on Mount Vernon Farm.
Mike has been with MVGF for 4 1/2 years and in that time has demonstrated that he has extraordinary skills and energy that make him a natural for running his own operation.  A trained chef and butcher, he worked for several world class food establishments before interning here for a year with the stated desire to “learn how to raise healthy meats”.  He has done that and has led our growth to where he and I both know he is ready to do it on his own. Molly is a great asset also and the two should become leaders in the healthy food movement in our region.
I have enjoyed learning about grass farming these last 14 years and knowing that if you keep the microbes in the soil healthy, the soil and grass will be healthy which will produce healthy animals which will promote the health of the people who eat them!  My and my family’s main goal is to continue to own this land we have for 186 years and to build it’s health each and every year.  The best way to do that is to practice strong conservation practices and rotate animals naturally through our grassland.  In Mike we have found a young farmer who has a strong respect for animals and nature.  Molly and he will certainly continue to improve the quality of the meat they grow and sell.
We hope this is a seamless transition.  You will hear more from the Petersons as they announce their plans.  Please support them as they are  most deserving!
With warm regards,
Cliff Miller

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