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Tryouts set for Portland Pro Am Teams
June 1, 2015 – Portland, OR - Launching in the summer of 2015 the new Portland Pro Am presented by Terrence Jones, are inviting ballers to show their stuff June 14th at Multnomah University.

Tryouts are for male basketball players with college experience or above, or equivalent and does not conflict with remaining college eligibility a player wants to utilize. At each Portland Pro Am League tryout teams host, where players will be evaluated and tested. Playing in the Portland Pro Am, powered by the IBL, is the best way to compete at a high level during summer, stay in shape, advance a players skills, stats, video and increase opportunities with an international audience.  Hundreds of players have advanced overseas, others into the NBA Development League. The Portland Pro Am will play with NBA rules, utilizing high end officials lead by Director of Officials Tommy Nunez (WNBA, NBA, PAC 12), advised by George Toliver from the NBA and NBA Development League.

As a part of the International Basketball Leagues (IBL), the Portland Pro Am will enjoy the decade of development and existing infrastructure from live game statistics and reports to quality in game officials from the NBA, NBA Development League and college levels to manage on the court activities. Staying consistent with mission of the IBL, the Portland Pro Am will continue place athletes overseas, getting some of the talent fresh off the college court.

Open tryouts are Sunday, June 14, 2015 at Multnomah University 12pm-5pm where all teams, scouts will be choosing players to add to their rosters. Each player will go through a combine format including agility testing, skills and scrimmages. Those interested are encouraged to fill out the form with their profile and submit applicable fees to participate via PortlandProAm.com. Games for non-NBA Players start at the end of June, full schedule to be announced.
Don’t forget the Portland Pro Am includes real pros, like home grown NBA talent Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross.
"I’m really excited to be a part of the Pro Am, I think it will be another piece that helps establish Portland as a basketball city. There are some great players that have come out of this city and this is something they can put their stamp on,” Ross shared.   
"I am proud to bring the Pro Am to my city and most importantly to my community of North East Portland,” NBA Star Terrence Jones said. “I’m going to try to get as many guys from around the league (NBA) to come out as possible, I’m excited to have a place to play at home now.”
The Portland Pro Am, Mr. Jones and Mr. Ross will sponsor several community initiatives that give resources to young athletes this summer. To learn how you can get involved as a team, play or to be a partner please visit www.PortlandProAm.com . Be on the lookout for updates, special guests and events on the schedule for 2015 through our social media. The Portland Pro-Am presented by Terrence Jones, building the community through basketball.


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About the Portland Pro-Am

Launching in 2015, the new Portland Pro-Am - featuring Terrence Jones - will provide an opportunity for the community, players and fans to enjoy family friendly Pro Basketball in the Summer. Every weekend in July and August at Multnomah University, following NBA rules fans will see NBA talent, overseas and college players who have completed their eligibility, competing on the court with experienced coaches leading them, and high level officials managing the games. Not only will there be high level, competitive and entertaining pro basketball games where you can have an up close and personal view of your favorite players, but special events in support of causes close to Mr. Jones in the greater North East Portland area.

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