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Seth Tarver

Seth Tarver (pictured above) played high school basketball for Jesuit High School in Beaverton, before going on to play college basketball for Oregon State. During Tarver's time at Oregon State, he was the first OSU player to lead the PAC-10 in steals since 1990. Tarver played for the Idaho Stampede (a Portland Trail Blazers D-League team) in 2010. Tarver then went on to play for Rizing Fukuoka in Japan. Tarver currently plays on Terrence Ross' team Huskies. 

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Tyrone White Jr.
Tyrone White Jr. (pictured above) is a Jefferson High School graduate. White played alongside Terrence Ross, Terrence Jones and Portland Pro-Am Commissioner Noah Kone. White has college basketball experience, as well as professional experience playing for the NBA D-League, the International Basketball League and the Portland Pro-Am. Read the full write up on Tyrone White Jr. to the right under "Player of the Week". 

Mike James
     Mike James (pictured above) - is a point guard who grew up in the Portland area. After he graduated from Grant High School, James played for Eastern Arizona University and Lamar University. Mike James is well known in the Euro League, and spent the last year playing for Laboral Kutxa in Spain. James is hosting the "Next Level" team in the Portland Pro Am this year, and recently returned to Portland after playing in the NBA Summer League for the Phoenix Suns.

Games this Saturday and Sunday 
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Here are the 5 stars of the week! From the top left moving down: Jordan Railey-Team Green, Kevan West- Soldiers, Nick Green-Team Green, Brad Tinsley-Team Takeover, Bobby Evans- Soldiers. Each player performed well over two games last weekend. We will announce the player of the week tonight! 

#TBT #RP @teagen_hoard42 with @terrencejones1 @rosecityshowcase #TeamTakeover back in action Sat at 6 PM and Sun 5 PM @gomulions Multnomah University 

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Game Recaps

     Last weekend was full of high intensity professional basketball, starting Saturday with a match up between Next Level and the Huskies. It was a tight matched game, though the Huskies came out on top with a final score of 133-128. Anthony Lackey scored 44 for Next Level, but that wasn't enough to keep up with Tyrone White's 47 points and 11 rebounds for the Huskies.
     Saturday's second matchup included Team Green and Team Takeover. Team Green took an early lead, and was ahead by 16 at the half. Nick Green finished the game with 32 points and 21 rebounds for Team Green, leading in both categories. Team Green was also accompanied by Jordan Railey, who recently returned to Portland after playing for the 76ers in the NBA Summer League.
     The final game on Saturday featured the Vancouver Volcanoes and the Beaverton Soldiers. The Volcanoes led the first half, but were out scored during the third and fourth quarters. Bobby Evans helped lead the Soldiers to victory, scoring 31 points and gaining 21 rebounds. Evans shot 70% from the field, sinking 14 of his 20 shots. 
     The first game on Sunday tipped off at 1 PM, with the Huskies facing Team Takeover. The Huskies were led once again by Tyrone White, who had 45 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists. White was accompanied by Seth Tarver, who scored 37 points for the Huskies. Combined, White and Tarver scored over half of the 148 total points for the Huskies. The Huskies defeated Team Takeover with a final score of 148-141. 
     The Soldiers played their second game of the weekend on Sunday, also gaining their second win of the weekend. Kevan West scored 26 points for the Soldiers, shooting 67% from the field. Seven of the eight players for the Soldiers finished the game in double digits, advancing the Soldiers to a 114-105 win over Team Green.   
     Sunday's final game showcased the Vancouver Volcanoes and Next Level. Although the game looked promising for Next Level after the first quarter, the Volcanoes scored 61 points in the second quarter, leading by 18 at halftime. Aaron Bradley lead the Volcanoes in scoring, with 39 points. Last week's "Player of the Week", EJ Singler was also a huge contributor to the Volcanoes, ending the game with 33 points and 11 rebounds. The Volcanoes came out on top, with a final score of 143-118.

Player of the Week

     This week's player of the week, presented by Spalding, is Tyrone White Jr. White grew up in the Portland area, playing basketball for Jefferson High School. He played on the same high school team as NBA talent Terrence Jones and Terrence Ross. The Jefferson High School team of 2008 won the 5A Oregon State Championship. White also served as the student body president for Jefferson High School his senior year. 
    White spent his college career playing for Utah State, North Idaho and Cal State Bakersfield. White also played for the IBL, and played in the NBA D-League. "It gave me a chance to actually play and stay in shape, and gave me a chance to be a leader on my team. Throughout college, you may not have been the go-to-guy, but it (the IBL) gave it a more pro feel." White said, regarding his time playing for the IBL. 
     This season, White is playing for the Huskies in the Portland Pro-Am, where he scored two games over 40 points this weekend. When asked about the Portland Pro-Am, White said "I love it! It gives you a chance to play against more of the pros in town and it's all in one gym. Plus I'm playing against all of the guys I grew up with and played against in high school, I love it."
     Last weekend, White put up 47 points and 11 rebounds against Next Level, and 45 points along with 15 rebounds against Team Takeover. "I have a great team, when you have that many threats on one team it kind of opens it up, you have to pick your poison. I guess it was just my weekend!" said White.
     This weekend, White will play for the Huskies once again, Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 3 PM. 
Click here to view Tyrone White Jr.'s season statistics. 

Summer League Update

     You may know Mike James as a point guard for team Next Level, but this month James took his talents to the "next level", playing in the NBA Summer League. James and the Phoenix Suns made it all the way to the summer league finals, falling just 3 points short of the title. Click here to see Mike James' summer league statistics. 
     In previous years, James has played for the International Basketball League, the Seattle Pro-Am, and the Euroleague where he played overseas for Laboral Kutxa. "In Euroleague, it’s more like valuing possessions and getting the best shot every time, and sometimes in the NBA you just take the best first shot you can get. So I think me playing overseas and valuing each possession and wanting to get the best shot every time helps me get better for in the NBA when you don’t have to get the best shot every time." said James.
     James played seven games for the Suns in the NBA Summer League, and his numbers kept increasing as the tournament went on. The team advanced through the bracket, winning games against Washington, Utah, Milwaukee, Chicago, and New Orleans before meeting up with San Antonio in the finals. The Suns lost in the finals with a fourth quarter score of 93-90.
     "Any time you play against other good players that are better than you, or just as good as you, you play to another level. It helped me in a lot of ways, being in that whole organization, and being around the NBA lifestyle.” James explained.
     James left it all on the court in the final game, leading the Suns in scoring with 32 points, and also leading in rebounds with 8. “I wish we would’ve won, normally in situations like that, I’m a point guard, so I try to get everyone involved, but it was just one of those times when I needed to score and I was just happy I could." James will return to Portland this weekend to play for Next Level in the Portland Pro-Am.

Terrence Ross spent the weekend supporting his team, the Huskies. 



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