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April 2012 Newsletter

Spring Tournaments-Why do them?

Edison Sparring
One of the things that makes Taekwondo a great way to improve yourself is the built in milestone of belt testing.  Taking it on step further are tournaments.

Preparing for a tournament lets a martial artist practice with purpose toward a tangible goal.  Tournaments are structured so that individuals compete with students much like themselves.  Groups are formed based on age, gender, size and belt level, making the right time to do a tournament when a student first shows an interest.

This spring the opportunities to participate in tournaments are:
  • April 28th Livingston Facebook Event
  • May 19th Great Falls
  • June 9th Missoula
We recommend these tournaments to all of our students-white belt to black belt.  Participating in these tournaments will bring more meaning into your life through expanded community and self improvement.


Students will have time working on the tournament events of Poomsae and Sparring in their core classes but they will benefit from additional training by attending Poomsae and Sparring classes, arranging private lessons and practicing on their own.

Poomsae and Sparring Classes 
If you are not currently enrolled in these classes you can add 1 class for $10 at any time.  See Class Options. for more information about these Friday Classes.

Private Lessons are available for as little as $20 per half hour and are a fantastic way to get instruction in precisely what a student needs.   All MTC instructors are available for private lessons. Contact Ms. Kim, Ms.Abbey, Mrs. Amanda, Mr. Andy, Mr Ryan or Master R to set up a time. 

Practice at home will ensure a development of "muscle memory" and increased confidence.

Please watch the board for tournament registrations.

from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

The Importance of Testing-Recommended Timeline

Blue Belt
Consistency is supremely important in making taekwondo a catalyst for growth in your life.

Tip Testing happens monthly. We aim for the last class day of the month, but it does not always work out that way.  Consistent attendance is the best way to make sure to be present for each tip test.  White belts will receive 2 tips before being tested for their Senior White Belt in class.  Testing for yellow through Senior Red Belt happens at MTC every 6 weeks, but students should test every 3 months. (Belt Requirements) The 3 months pace keeps students from getting complacent and in a state of constant growth and improvement.  Test requirement sheets are available at the front desk.
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Tidbits about Attendance and Class Options

Belt Test
Core Curriculum Classes held on Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday are designed to be a students primary source of instruction.  In these classes students will be exposed to all areas of curriculum including basics, sparring, self defense and poomsae.  It is ideal for students to make two or more classes each week.  If a Core class is missed a student should find an appropriate make up class, please consult the front desk if assistance is needed.  Students experience consistent progress when attending 2 or more classes a week.  When a student (and his or her parents) exert Perseverance to maintain consistent attendance the results are evident, not only in the progress through belts, but also in the greater self confidence that comes from higher fitness and knowledge levels and the self discipline it took to get there.

Sparring Classes are currently offered for beginning through advanced levels.  Sparring is a great way to push yourself mentally and physically.  Beginning through intermediate level sparring instruction is Friday during Competition Prep.  For sparring only be ready to go at 5:45.  Advanced sparring is Tues/Thurs at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am.

Poomsae Classes are one great way to learn and perfect your forms.  We have classes on Friday for learning your forms: Beginners at 4:00 and Colored Belts at 4:30.  To perfect your form for tests, tournaments and general self confidence colored and black belts should attend Competition Prep at 5:15.

Cancelled Classes for holidays, weather or special events can be made up within the month of the missed class.  Please note, we close for Holidays that MCPSchools do.

Missed Classes for illness, school functions, or family reasons can be made up within the month they are missed.

Adding a Class can be done for any enrolled student for $10 per class.  Students who just want to pick up 1 extra poomsae or sparring class should do this.
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky


Clean up
Tis the time of year to take notice of the wonderful scents wafting through our fresh mountain air.  Flowers blooming, rain drenched earth and sweaty bodies.....Wait, what?

Actually, we would like to remind all of our students with the warmer weather of sring and summer we also experience more unpleasant odors wafting from our hard working bodies.  To minimize the gym bag smell that can engulf a martial arts school please:
  • Wash you dobok often
  • Shower often and wear deodorant
  • Wear shoes to class !!! (and socks when appropriate)
Also, please take steps to keep our locker rooms tidy and easy to use for all students.  Is is not recommended for students to leave items overnight, but if things are left they must be kept in agear bag or items will be deposited in lost and found.

Thank you or taking note and taking action so we all can breath easily at the dojang.
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky

Dinner and a Show- A great time for our TKD Fam

an Act from Dinner and a Show
Our annual talent show and pot luck will be held on May 4th at MTC.  This is a great family event for all our TKD families.

The Dinner:  The main course is provided by the Rosbarskys--very delicious Bulgogi (Korean Bar-B-Q Beef), so plan your contributions accordingly.

The Show:  This event originated to let our students showcase their many talents (outside of Taekwondo ability) in front of their TKD family.  To showcase a talent, be it music, dancing, acting, juggling or some other fantastic thing, students MUST sign up by May 3rd.  Please plan to keep it to 3 minutes or less as we have an incredibly talented bunch and want to give everyone an opportunity to participate.

Also the National Team will be kicking in the Kick-A-Thon and auctioning their services as slaves (paid with donations of course) to add some more excitement to the evening.  So come with your list of chores in mind and our fantastically fit athletes will help you check them off you list.

It all boils down to a very exciting evening.  Tickets on sale soon!
from the desk of Mrs. Rosbarsky



Mond Apr 2 Nicolas Riley's Bday
Wed Apr 4 Spring Break - NO Regular Classes
Wed Apr 4 Flips n Tricks Camp 9:00am – 3:00pm
Thu Apr 5 Spring Break - NO Regular Classes
Thu Apr 5 Mic Johnson's Bday
Thu Apr 5 Sparring camp 9:00am – 3:00pm
Fri Apr 6 Spring Break - NO Regular Classes
Fri Apr 6 Jericho Kuglin's Bday
Fri Apr 6 Taekwondo n Skits Camp 9:00am – 3:00pm
Sat Apr 7 Sam Kirschenmann's Bday
Sat Apr 7 Wilson Derry's Bday
Sun Apr 8 Nic Davis' Bday
Sun Apr 8 Chloe Teske's Bday
Mon Apr 9 Julian Stagg's Bday
Tue Apr 10 Austin Clark's Bday
Tue Apr 10 Chadney Sawyer's Bday
Tue Apr 10 Jake O'Brien's Bday
Tue Apr 10 Summer Camp Sign Ups Start
Wed Apr 11 Patrick Sale's Bday
Wed Apr 11 Booster Club Meeting 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Thu Apr 12 Archer Haas' Bday
Sat Apr 14 Julie McFarlane's Bday
Sat Apr 14 Everett Smith's Bday
Sat Apr 14 Lori Hook's Bday
Mon Apr 16 Trey Mattson's Bday
Wed Apr 18 Carter Cripe's Bday
Sat Apr 21 Nathan Bruns' Bday
Sat Apr 21 Claire Zellmer's Bday
Sun Apr 22 Sable Lee's Bday
Mon Apr 23 Benton Adams' Bday
Wed Apr 25 Jake Hall's Bday
Sat Apr 28 Leah Samuels' Bday
Sat Apr 28 PVTC - Livingston Tournament
Mon Apr 30 Autumn Gilleard's Bday
Mon Apr 30 Ivan Gallego's Bday
Fri May 4 Dinner and a Show 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Wed May 9 Booster Club Meeting 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Sat May 19 Great Falls Tournament
Sat May 19 USAT National Qualifier - San Jose, CA
Sun May 20 USAT National Qualifier - San Jose, CA
June 9th MTA State Tournament - Missoula

June 11-June 22nd - Summer Camps

Pictures/Video from March

Montana State USAT Qualifier



Colored Belt Test
by Tim Graham


password: belttest


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