October, 2015

Building on Success through planning

Development of a new strategic planning document has begun at SDCE. The first meeting occurred October 6 and included over 40 participants (each serving as an author of a section of the document). The meeting included discussion and activity related to developing new vision and mission statements, as well as discussion regarding the possibility of student support services broadening its mission to include disadvantaged student populations identified in our Student Equity Plan and recent legislation. More

2015-16 Budget

“It’s all good news,” was the repeated message and theme from Chancellor Carroll as she and Executive Vice Chancellor Bonnie Dowd presented the SDCCD 2015-16 Business Report during the Chancellor’s budget forum for SDCE. More than 50 faculty, staff and administrators attended the annual forum at the Educational Cultural Complex. More

Program updates



San Diego, a major tourist destination, is a leader in California's hospitality industry. CE has a vital Culinary Arts Program at West City Campus (CE's Campus of Excellence for Hospitality and Consumer Sciences) that meets the high demand for employees in the culinary sector by offering both day and evening classes. More

Business, Computers and Information Technology

The 2015/16 academic year for the Business, Information Technology and Digital Media Program was filled with faculty collaboration; acquisition of mini-grants and one-time funding for curriculum development; professional development, and new equipment all leading toward greater student success. More

Community collaboration

A Grand Opening event for the new Cesar E. Chavez campus is planned for October 28. SDCE engaged the surrounding Barrio Logan community during the planning of the new campus, which resulted in many ideas from local residents and businesses that were included in the final design of the facility and campus car park. More

Free Community College Campaign

The White House is stepping up the effort to make tuition free at community colleges across the country.
Fact Sheet: Tuition-Free Community College for Responsible Students.


Many faculty, staff and administrators have suggestions on how to strengthen SDCE by supporting student success and improving employee morale. I’m introducing a new grant program so many of these ideas can be captured and executed! President’s Innovation Grants will be awarded for innovative projects and ideas. More

Applications are available online until January 31, 2016.


As you may know, SDCE is accredited by the WASC Schools Commission. As an adult education facility we are reaccredited every six years. We are currently working on the 2017 Self-Study Report and will be receiving a WASC visiting team during spring 2017. The Accreditation Steering Committee has formed and if you are interested in joining the committee or serving on one of the work groups (or focus groups) please contact Corinne Layton ( or
Dr. Barbara Pongsrikul ( More


Two additional program areas are eligible for funding under the AEBG that were not initially included in the five program areas of AB 86. Along with ABE, ESL, DSPS, CTE and Apprenticeships, "Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily related to entry or reentry into the workforce" as well as "Programs for adults, including, but not limited to, older adults, that are primarily designed to develop knowledge and skills to assist elementary and secondary school children to succeed academically in school" are included in AEBG. More


Q: Why should I go to Academic Senate meetings?
A: This is your opportunity to find out what issues and challenges are being discussed and to have an influence on how we respond. The Academic Senate (AS) meets the third Tuesday of the month at ECC in Room 186 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Our next meeting is 10/20. More


We are growing! The Counseling Department, over the past year, has made a concerted effort to expand the number of counselors. We have grown to a robust 14 contract (full-time), and 10 adjunct (part-time) counselors who provide services at 7 different sites. More


The Classified Senate meets regularly and all staff are invited to attend. Watch this space for future updates from your Classified Senate.

Flex Update

Flex is how most faculty participate in formal, organized Professional Development.
SDCE has 5 Flex days per academic year
(3 in fall; 2 in spring) with activities during
those days and throughout the year.  

Visit Flex Flash, SDCE Faculty Flex and
SDCE Flex Guidelines

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