Free Spring Activation this Friday, Interview  about Channeling; A New Channeling Class; New Jyotish Tutorial lesson; Some Blog Highlights.
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Greetings from Lightspirited Being!

Sunlit SproutHappy Spring! (Or Autumn for some of you.) And a warm welcome to new subscribers.

Ahh, Spring is here ... and I'm ready!

Are you?

Do you feel the urge to spring forth with a new project or revive an old one?

Or are you ready to have a little more spring in your step?

Then I hope you'll join me this Friday for a:


~ A Group Holographic Emergence Session ~

I'll use my Matrix Energetics skills (primarily) to facilitate whatever it is you want to create or grow this spring.

It’s like a jump-start (if new), or a boost (if ongoing).

We’ll energize it, propel it … give it a new life!

It will be held by teleconference this coming Friday (March 23) at 1:15p MDT (that's 12:15p PDT, 3:15p EDT), and will last less than an hour.

I'll email call-in details (to registrants) by Thursday evening.

And if you have friends who might want to join us, please share this newsletter with them. The more the merrier!

Happy Lunar New Year

Friday is a perfect day for an Activation because it's the Vedic New Year and a very auspicious day.

It's the day after the new Moon which marks the exact moment of the New Year chart, used by Jyotishis to analyze what the upcoming year will bring.

So even if you don't participate in the Activation, may this new season -- and new year -- bring much fresh, new energy and vitality to you and whatever you pursue.

Learn to Channel Your Higher Self

A few weeks ago, my multi-talented friend Angela Artemis interviewed me for her blog Powered by Intuition.

She asked good questions about channeling and my response included a guided exercise to channel your Higher Self that several of her blog readers had success with.

You can find both the audio and written interview here.

Beginning to Channel

During that interview with Angela, I mentioned I will be offering a beginner channeling class in the mid-to-near future.

It will be about connecting with your own Higher Self as your primary guide for information and supportive energy.

If you have preferences about content or delivery medium, please share your thoughts with me (in whatever way is easiest for you, depending on how/where you're reading this.)

I want the class to be something you want and for it to work for you logistically. Thank you!

Jyotish Tutorial on Financial Astrology

And don't forget about my Jyotish Tutorial series (for seasoned Jyotishis).

Another Financial Astrology article has been published, and you can always find links to the articles on my Jyotish Tutorials page.

Blog Highlights

I've posted 18 new articles on my blog since the last newsletter. Take a look and see if any strike your fancy.

I offered a free reading if you could use your intuition to help me find my lost camera. One of my readers, a yoga teacher, won by giving me its exact location! Find out how she did it by listening to our short interview (where she also introduces us to Yoga Nidra -- a way to get the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep in just one hour)!

And speaking of intuition, get a simple but important tip from a renowned psychic in What to Do When Your Intuition Is Wrong. That article was popular even with professional intuitives.

Another popular and fun post is Multidimensional and Pink Hair Living and includes a video of me explaining what I mean by multi-dimensional living, an idea I was writing about at the time.

And just before the holidays, I wrote an article about using your telepathic abilities to communicate with your pet when you're going to be separated. You can get a lot of good pointers at Separated From Your Pet? How to Reassure Them.

Until Next Time ...

Don't forget to register for this Friday's Spring Activation, and to share the news.

I'd really love to see you and your friends there!

Many blessings to you this Spring (Autumn) / New Year!


If you liked this newsletter, please share it with your friends so they can, too! Thank you!

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