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Greetings from Lightspirited Being

Hello again! I haven't sent a newsletter in awhile, so this one is packed with info and I think you'll find it infomative and fun.

I hope you're doing great and that you're ready for another beautiful springtime.

Vernal Equinox is on Monday, March 20th at 7:21pm EDT.

Holi: Festival of Colors

Happy Holi!

This upcoming weekend is a special Vedic holiday celebrating spring. It's Holi, the festival of color, and it coincides with the birthday of Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and prosperity.

It's a very auspicious couple of days for beginning any new venture.

If you want to know how to take advantage of it, I wrote an article called Timely Tidbits: Magnify the Support of Natural Cycles.


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New Ways to Keep In Touch

I know I feel a special connection with you who receive these emails, but I also know that inboxes can become pretty scary places when they fill too fast.

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Insider Insights

Insider InsightsI started a Q&A feature just for you newsletter subscribers a few newsletters back called Insider Insights.

Thanks so much for your participation!

I decided to adjust the type of questions slightly so you can all benefit more.

How about if you ask questions that are general enough that some other readers can benefit from the answer? Practical questions, whose answers can be applied?

I got quite a few questions last time that happen to fit this criteria. I know some of you will find the answer(s) helpful.

If you recall I said I would choose 1 question to answer using either prasna or channeling. This time I chose channeling, partly because the question is about channeling.

The question was: The subject is "spirit guides," "spirit friends," "angels" or whatever is the best phrase to describe those nonphysical beings who we are told are present, or that we sense (without being told) are present.  Is there a general protocol for invoking this kind of assistance?

You can find the answer that I channeled especially for you at the end of this newsletter.

Thank you for participating!

And now if YOU have a new question, please click here and ask away!

I'll answer one of the questions I get in my next newsletter.

Channeling Series

I've been getting so many great questions about channeling lately that I decided to do a series of articles about it on my blog. It's already popular and you can find the first one here.

And so many of the great general questions from the latest Insider Insights were about channeling too. Since they're questions I can answer even without channeling a guide, I'll be answering them in this series as well

You can get to the series in the future with this link. (Right now, there's only the one article.)

Recent Articles

I've been busy writing and posting articles to my blog. There have been quite a lot since I last wrote, but some you might especially like are:

Of course there are more, and you can just go to my main page to read them all!

There are interesting planetary alignments going on at the end of March. Watch for a new article about what they mean to us.

Emergence SessionsEmergence

And finally, thank you to all of you who volunteered to get a "holographic emergence" session from me, and to help me figure out how to package this astonishing service. I so appreciate your time!

I got great feedback from you, including wonderful confirmation of the value of it in your lives.

As a result, I'm almost there! I'm writing up some detailed information about it, and then I will post it on my site and make the service available. Yay!

Stay tuned for an announcement, as well as a special introductory deal *just for you*.

Get Your Intuitive Guidance Here

And don't forget, I'm always available to do jyotish readings and channelings for you.

"I've had readings before and was told the names of guides, but never was able to really resonate with them. This was completely a different story. Thank you!"

Please just pop over to my website for more info or reply to this email to schedule a session. Thank you!

I wish you lots of blessings as we move into another cycle of new growth.


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Insider Insights: Q & A

Before connecting with the channeling guide(s), I set the intention that the information will be beneficial to any of you who read this. As I connected I felt a presence that was very gentle and soft.

Afterward, as I was walking back to the house (I channeled at the river deck), I got the strong message that if you attempt to do what they suggest, they will assist you with it.

You'll find my comments in brackets []. Enjoy!

Question: The subject is "spirit guides," "spirit friends," "angels" or whatever is the best phrase to describe those nonphysical beings who we are told are present, or that we sense (without being told) are present.  Is there a general protocol for invoking this kind of assistance?

Answer: Greetings my beloved. Thank you for asking and thank you for your lovely intentions of channeling this for those who will be reading these words. For we appreciate very much being able to communicate directly with them.

We connect to those points of light in various parts of the world through you and we very much appreciate it.

As for this question we are wanting to make sure that we especially address the questioner. For he already does have an understanding of this and we would go so far as to say that he even knows the answer but does not let himself trust it. He is very intelligent and yet what happens is his intelligence, rather than help him in this situation, actually gets in the way. For him we would say--and this also goes for the others as well, but we feel this will help him--we would say that one of the main things is not to worry or be concerned so much about vibrational levels but more to do what he can to help lay the intellect aside for a little while; whatever that might mean to him.

And we do know that he does have many skills in this area for setting aside the intellect. In some ways part of why he's been attracted to the discipline he's been practicing -- well, he's been practicing many -- but the Actualism (we'll just say that) is partly because it does exercise the intellect. The intellect can play right along with the activations that are going on.

However, when it comes to channeling--and not even so much channeling but being open and receptive to guidance--it truly does help to set the intellect aside and receive more with the senses.

And as you know, Patti, when you do this, as you hear us and receive this message, you are looking within to see how you are receiving and as you know, you receive through your -- not senses like visual or audial in the sense of your hardcore senses, but in your super-senses we would call them. Your ultra-sensory... ultra-senses... extra-senses. That's what they're called. See, you can't even think of the word because you are not in your head. You are just, well, we will leave it to you to put that into your own words.

What we would want to say is that THAT is the tip we would give. We would give the tip to set aside your intellect. And then open like a flower and stay present and quietly alert. Not alert on a ... [Attentive, is the word they want.] Stay attentive to what comes. And you will find that any of these concerns about protocol or even preparation will fall by the wayside along with the intellectual aspect of your being... -- [I don't know what word to use for it and they don't want to get side-tracked with that. That's an intellectual side-track trying to figure out what words to use.]

And we feel that is already a fairly long answer and so we would like to leave it at that. Short and sweet. [And as they say that I get a sense of a real sweetness. They talked about a flower and I do have a sense of them having kind of a sweetness like the scent a flower might have. It's just this really lovely energy.]

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