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Greetings from Lightspirited Being

I hope you're doing great and that you're ready for summer (or winter for those of you down-under). Because it's on it's way!

The June Solstice takes place on June 21 at 1:16 p.m. EDT (17:16 Universal Time). This begins what is known as Dakshinayana, and as the days begin to get shorter again, it's a good time for completion of things begun during the first half of the year while the light was increasing.

Did You Miss My Last Newsletter?

Some of you have asked why I haven't sent a newsletter in awhile.

The answer is: I have!

Turns out my last one ended up in lots of peoples' spam folders. Sigh.


I'm sure it's because it was mainly about my new holographic "Emergence" service and a current special that's only for newsletter subscribers (that's you!) I think words like "special" combined with dollar signs just freaked out too many spam filters.

The good news is that the special is still going on! And I'm getting great feedback on the service, too:

A few days back, there was suddenly this shift into being well! It's just very odd, I must say."

We Can Shift Your Life

So please, if you didn't get it or if you want to revisit my special, you can read about my new "Emergence" service and find all the details of the special here. (But do it soon; there are only 2 weeks left!)

And here's what I'll do: If your May newsletter went to your spam folder and if you want the May bonus along with the June bonus, I'll extend that to you. Just let me know.

And if you want to make sure you're getting all of these, please make sure this email address is on your white-list:

Eclipse Energy

Yesterday, we just had the 2nd of 3 eclipses in a row.

There's a very unique energy to eclipses and it's helpful to know about it so you can take advantage of it lest it take advantage of you!

Here's some helpful info I wrote up for you:
I'll be doing one more article a few days before the July 1 solar eclipse. Please check my blog for that, or better yet, subscribe and have the post delivered (it's free!)

Insights from a Health Crisis

I had a serious health scare last month. :-(
And then I found out this month that I'm okay. :-)

These articles only touch the surface but you might be interested in a few of my thoughts about the experience.

Of course there are more new articles besides these, and you can always go to my main page to read them all.

Insider Insights

Insider Insights

I started a Q&A feature just for you newsletter subscribers a few issues back called Insider Insights.

I'm chomping at the bit for your next questions!

Please ask a question that's general enough that some other readers can benefit from the answer. A practical question, whose answer can actually be applied.

This month's Q&A was a little different than usual... and not as applicable as what Insider Insights was intended for.

First, none of you submitted any questions. (Really?!)

So someone who asked several questions in a row (live) gave me permission to share the channeled answers, and they're pretty interesting and useful in their own way.

I've been including the answers in these newsletters but this one is much too long! So I decided to post it as an article on my blog.

The session took place on Easter so that's what the topic was.

You can find the entire transcript here: Look With New Eyes :: A Channeled Message.


And now if YOU have a new question, please click here and ask away!

Thank you for participating. I'll answer one of the questions I get in my next newsletter.

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And don't forget, I'm always available to do jyotish readings and channelings for you.

"I’ve worked with a lot of intuitive types over the last 20 years and I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a session more than the one I had with you. What a gift you have to share!"

Please just pop over to my website for more info or reply to this email to schedule a session. Thank you!

I wish you lots of blessings as we move into another new season.


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