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A Course in Miracles Quotes

If you are willing to validate what is true in everything you perceive, you will make it true for you. Truth overcomes all error. This means that if you perceive truly, you are cenceling out misperceptions in yourself and others simultaneously.

No one who lives in fear is really alive.

When everything one retains is loveable, there is no reason for fear to remain.

Speaking the Language of Separation

Without being consciously aware of it, most of us humans speak the fine art of separation. I became acutely aware of its many subtleties while visiting Québec with my sister last week. Even though I was making myself understood in French, after a few days began to feel more and more isolated. There were people everywhere, we were attending a winter festival, it was a large city and no shortage of pedestrians even though the temperatures were freezing. I understand the saying that one is never more alone than in the middle of the crowd.

Standing on a street corner ready to cross, I wondered why I was feeling so separate. Americans are really not so different from Canadians, then I remembered that unspoken language. As people near you, they avert their eyes or cross the street before they get to you. Most people walk either on their cell phone, texting or with earbuds connecting them to their own private world. There was a secret cocoon keeping their body separate from my body. Yet there is a very conscious awareness of being seen, watched even, judged, perhaps by the fashion police, perhaps just in general. So in order to keep control of our mini world, we use the body to define ourselves.

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Separation Speak

...continued from above

As I stood on the corner, watching and experiencing separation, I thought I would expand my vocabulary. I smiled a big, broad smile at the next driver that passed. He did not respond. The natural response would be okay, fine and shut down inside, trapping the self further into the body container. I couldn't do that. It felt too small and restrictive. So I decided to do what I should never have stopped doing that when I got to Québec and that was speak the language of connection. I closed my physical eyes and “smiled with my soul” at the man who had just passed me by. What I got in response warmed my whole heart. He beamed back at me like an uninhibited child who wanted only to play!

Aha, I thought, I was feeling isolated because I had begun to speak the prevalent language of the city. I crossed the street, beaming, smiling at everyone who came my way. I greeted others with a hearty bonjour and left them with a bonne journee! I spoke beyond their language, averted eyes could still hear me and when they were met with joyful eyes and an open heart, most responded in kind. And when they did not, I employed my spiritual vision to see their joyful selves exploding from the body container.

Everything's choice, isn't it? You can choose to settle for speaking the language of separation, whatever dialect you personally speak, or you can always speak the language of the heart (connection), seeing beyond faces, grimaces, glares or flat liners. Acknowledge, invite and connect with the joyful innocent inside.

Spirit Vision Retreat Center would not exist, its haven of safety, place of inspiration, growth and community, the sacred space of sharing, peace, compassion and beauty if it were not for my devoted husband, Ed Hunt. Not only was he the one who turned idea into manifest reality, but he has been instrumental in each phase of building: research, materials, selecting tradesmen, building yurt platforms, firepit, bathrooms, studio, maintenance, amphitheater, new outhouse, and now new kitchen. It is a stand alone center prepared for guests who are looking for rejuvenation, retreating, connecting, and certainly bonding. I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for all of Ed’s tireless efforts to help my dream come to fruition. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Ed surveys the property


"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." -Rumi

"You find your true purpose in life the day you walk beyond your fears."

"Don't confuse your path with your destination;
Just because it's stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine."

Lesson one in uncovering Separation Speak:

Everyone is always thinking something other than what you think they are.

If you always assume the above, you will be right 99% of the time. If you think someone thinks they're too cool for school, more likely they are protecting a very tender and sensitive self. If you think someone doesn't like you, it's entirely possible that they are simply waiting to see how you will receive them. Who wants to be the first to show their hand?

Always operate from the truth that everyone wants to be loved, that means to connect, to feel unity with someone else and to experience it and return. So whether a smile, a conversation or a relationship, don't hesitate to initiate. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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