Julie Hutslar's September 2015 Quarterly Newsletter

Only the sane can look on stark insanity and raving madness with pity and compassion but not with fear. For only if they share in it does it seem fearful, and you do share in it until you look upon each other with perfect faith and love and tenderness.
Where god is, there you are.
It is essential to remember that only the mind can create…the soul is already perfect, and therefore does not require correction. The body does not really exist except as a learning device for the mind

Where god is, There you are

Have you ever had the opportunity to see the rays of the sun breaking through dark clouds, reaching down to earth in a divine display of the heavens touching the earth? This is most often the image we have of god expressing itself. Finally we see evidence that god cares.
But actually, if we were aware, we would see and experience the god energy everywhere and in everything. Every living thing carries creation energy or it would not be alive. What is that creation energy? Sap, blood, air, water? It is the vital life giving creation energy of the universe. We all have it. We are all made of it. In fact, every living thing is expressing that creation energy, or god, uniquely as only it can. You are experiencing god energy as only YOU can. No one in the universe can express the creator like you are. That means no matter how you express yourself, you are expressing creation energy perfectly and uniquely.
So let’s look at the rest of the world now, not just the beautiful beams of light coming down from the sky way above us. The dying fir tree, the spoiled rotten child, the polluted stream, the raven decapitating the baby chick, the pervert, the addict, the liar, the rapist, the bigot. They are all expressions of god.
Not what we think of when we think of god, huh? But strike the Biblical version of the Almighty condescending to connect with its creation by sending a rainbow every few years or touching the earth with its magnificent beams of divine light. Imagine instead a living river of creation energy. That means that everything made from it also carries creation energy. Yes, in fact, that is true. You are creative, you can’t NOT be creative, it is in your veins, in your very being.
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Jody Pignolet, a CBR practitioner, also practices and teaches Transformational Hatha Yoga and is offering a Teen and Pre-teen Yoga 6 week series beginning Sept 24-Oct 29. Contact her for more info at 208)597-4364 or An excellent body, mind, spirit experience for your teens!
Liz Schwinck, now of Sandpoint, ID, is offering a weekend Chakra Workshop which creatively builds a foundation of clarity around your unique energy signature and finding your power in it. Here at Spirit Vision Retreat Center Oct. 17 & 18.Contact her for more details. (208)996-1327 or

The 2015 Spiritual Vision Quest is beginning to form and we are patiently awaiting the rest of the group. The dates are pending. If what matters most is your desire to experience yourself more as spirit and live from your god-potential, don’t hesitate to make this your time.
If you are in the North Idaho area, mark your calendar for a Core Belief Restructuring Awareness Day Oct. 6th from 6:30-8pm at Evans Bros Coffee on Church in Sandpoint. We are fortunate to have so many practitioners trained to assist people in releasing limiting beliefs held non-consciously that limit their highest potential. Six of us will present an informative on what CBR is and then an opportunity to experience it. So many people ask about what this healing modality is about, come and find out for yourself. It truly is the healing of the future, beginning with core beliefs first. Free so bring a friend!

As Carl Jung says, The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. Inner Peace 101 offers just that opportunity. Held for the first time in Sandpoint (see web site for other cities) this seminar addresses stress, sabotage, freedom and peace. Taught by 3 profound and purposeful teachers, don't miss this great opportunity. Oct 9-10 $197. Sandpoint rate. Contact Cyndi or Tracy at

Mountain Retreat Center Yurt Rental
Finally, we have decided to open up the retreat center to guests when there are no groups here. Many retreaters have asked about bringing their family back, having a weekend getaway with girlfriends or a quiet place to hike and relax. We are going through and and have had some wonderful and delightful guests already. Follow the link to find out more and schedule a true serene getaway. As little as $69 for an entire yurt per night, plus use of the studio/kitchen and common area. Such a deal!
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And how you choose to express that creative energy, what choices you make, how you dress, what you feel, think and say, what you do, how you respond, these are all aspects of creation energy. And even though many of those choices are based on beliefs that are not true in the bigger sense (such as I have to work hard to prove I am valuable or I have to give more so people will want to be around me), they are unique expressions of You/God.
Every person you see, every animal, plant, mineral are all amazing and unique aspects of creation energy. I do recall Jesus saying to treat everyone as if they were him. Now you understand why. They are all God, no matter how unpleasant or disagreeable you may find their expressions. If you were God and had infinity to work with, wouldn’t you want to try out EVERY possible option of expression??

-Julie Hutslar

Mary Jones
, a Sandpoint local, has just finished her Core Belief Restructuring certification and is sharing an office with Jody Pignolet and me at Pinnacle Health Center. Her specialty is opening hearts, creating space for forgiveness and assisting people release baggage before passing. She has had a wonderful opportunity to practice plenty during our 18 month Spiritual Vision Quest and CBR certification and she's a natural! Mary is offering a special free session during Sept, then her regular rate will be $50. A great deal! Take her up on it! 208-290-2058
"Contemplate the qualities of God and you will be thinking about all that you really are…There is no place where God is not. There is no person within whom God does not reside."
-Tom Johnson  You are always your own experience
"Simply by being who you are, where you are, in this moment in time, and by sharing your truth and your own process honestly, you help the others with whom you share your journey." 
-Rasha  Oneness
"No one else has a personality just like yours.
No one else has a face like yours.
No one else has a soul like yours.
You are a unique creation of God." 

How to remember you are god uniquely expressing as YOU

If we could consistently remember this, we would be awakened from this insane illusion, but our present experience may offer other choices. So in the meantime, offering gratitude for your unique qualities is a serious way to assist. Most of us are trained habitually to focus on what is wrong, what is not complete, what needs fixing, upgrading or overhauling. We rarely spend any time or energy being appreciative of what we have accomplished in this life, who we have become, how we have grown and how we sparkle. In fact, we may not know how.
Begin with people you admire (living or dead, familiar or historical) and list what you admire about them. What qualities make them unique and outstanding to you? List 5 or 6 persons or more. Then rip the names off the paper, leaving only the qualities. These qualities are yours because you recognize them in others. This is a great way to begin. Keep that piece of paper and read those qualities to yourself and at the bottom write: These qualities are mine because I see them in others.
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