Julie Hutslar's September 2013 Quarterly Newsletter

"Try to give over every plan you have accepted for magnitude in littleness. It is not there."

"You cannot escape from what you are."

"To achieve a goal you must proceed in its direction, not away from it."

"Make fast your learning now, and understand you only waste time unless you go beyond what you have learned to what is yet to learn. For from this lowest point will learning lead to heights of happiness in which you see the purpose of the lesson shining clear."

The Challenge Awaits

You are often challenged physically, emotionally and mentally, but how often are you challenged spiritually? And what difference does it make?
Who cares if you have developed spiritual strength anyhow? If you haven’t experienced it, then you probably don’t have any value on strength of spirit~ that is, until something life-threatening requires it.
But what if your life could be more synchronous, more fluid and effortless? What would it feel like to live without anxiety, to trust, to come to expect joy? How powerful would you be if nothing could unnerve you ~ send you into fear and panic? What would your daily life look like without irritation and inner discomfort? If you could be heard and honored?
Those are just some of the benefits of developing strength of spirit. And accepting the challenge is where you begin!

The Frontier Challenge begins THIS month! Arrive Oct 8th in the late afternoon, the program lasts all through the week and ends on Sunday the 13th at noon. Cost is $750. Email or call to reserve your spot!   (208)263-1448

“The key to reclaiming our original wholeness …is to fully flesh out our multifaceted, wild psyches, committing ourselves to the largest story we’re capable of living, serving something bigger than ourselves. We must dare again to dream the impossible and to romance the world, to feel and honor our kinship with all species and habitats, to embrace the troubling wisdom of paradox, and to shape ourselves into visionaries with the artistry to revitalize our enchanted and endangered world.” These words, written by Bill Plotkin in Wild Mind, fully encompass the reason and urgency for the Challenges.
The Challenges present stepping stones for you, whether women or man, to face and overcome fears, to experience freedom from your socially formed identify, locate and release those things that limit your expression as well as opportunities to dig deeper in the setting of a safe group and mountain haven. Each week focuses on different aspects of this journey and guides you with practical tools and a map to the inner landscape you will be traveling.
When you are looking for a leg over an invisible wall, when you need a boost in your passion for life, when you feel something brewing inside and don’t feel like waiting another minute…the Challenges are for you.

Responding to my people's desire to go deeper, the annual Women’s Retreats are being replaced with a series of personal growth challenges.
Each a week long adventure, begin your journey with the Frontier Challenge. Learn practical tools for maturing your egoic, emotional and mental self. Discover the wild child within and allow its passions to unearth your deeper purpose. When you have reached your tolerance for suburban boundaries, accept the Frontier Challenge!
When you are ready for the Summit Challenge, you are primed to reach the top of your game. How do you live your fullest potential? How do you realize your dreams? What keeps you from shining? Here we uncover and debunk personal beliefs that prevent you from reaching the summit in your life!
After accumulating practical tools, having faced your fears and taken the cap off your potential, it’s time to step up to the Stratus Challenge. Expand your way of thinking, open your world to larger possibilities, soar into the stratosphere of potential and find the largest version of yourself there.
Are you willing to answer the call, step up your life experience and accept the challenge?

“Mind is cause and experience is effect. if you do not like the experience or effect that you are getting, the obvious remedy is to alter the cause and then the effect will naturally alter too.” -Around the Year with Emmett Fox

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