Julie Hutslar's May 2017 Quarterly Newsletter

"Healing is the way in which separation is overcome. Separation is overcome by union. It cannot be overcome by separating. "

"Healing does not come from anyone else. You must accept guidance from within. The guidance must be what you want, or it will be meaningless to you."

Reinventing is the Greatest Stimulation

Last year a very powerful emptying out was followed by feelings of great loss for me. I can tell you now what transpired from that year of emptying, reevaluating, cleaning, letting go and loss turned out to be a major reinvention.

At some point in our lives we seem to come to a plateau or place where we aren’t being stimulated or challenged. Sometimes that is nice, resting in our comfortable chair for a while, but if we stay there too long, we get complacent. Life loses its zest. The awe and wonder that are stimulating, that make life worth living are gone, replaced by banality, commonplace, comfort, security, and boredom. Sadly, I think many people stay here, either unsure of how to go ahead and unable to go back. Perhaps this is what compels people to either extreme sports or drug-induced numbing.

We’ve all been in this spot before.

The thing is, how to move out of it? How do we reinvent ourselves? How do we build from the past without replicating it into the future?

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I’m happy to report Cathy Colburn is expanding her style of coaching. She loves to work with people who are finding frustration in getting what they want in life. “Really,” she says, "The more frustrated the better!"
Cathy can truly make progress where you have not been able to before. Whether it is family dynamics, work, money or simply life just not going the way you want, she can help your breakthrough happen now. Take advantage of her Free 20-minute initial consultation. (231) 715-1294 or

I’m pleased to announce Blissa Nizzoli just completed her Shamanic practitioner’s training with the Four Winds Society. She integrates Shamanic Healing tools into her Core Belief Restructuring practice as well as her NIA instruction. Last spring Blissa opened ‘Embody~Center for the Healing Arts’ in Sandpoint, ID.

She offers weekly Nia classes, workshops, and has been growing her client practice in her newly completed office. I can personally vouch for her NIA classes, they are truly awe-inspiring and a great workout too! Blissa can be reached at, her studio or for more info on Nia

In my newly reinvented life, I will make space for CBR sessions with serious clients, but refer to for more practitioners. Certainly take advantage of Cathy and Blissa!

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A few things become necessary. One, a desire to grow beyond the stuckness. And Two, the courage to face the monsters that lurk between where you are now and there. That’s it. Desire and courage.

I think there is a misunderstanding that you have to know what comes next. You don’t or you wouldn’t be where you are. You only need the desire and willingness. It starts with something as simple as visualizing the life you would like to have~ complete with all the fulfillments that bring you joy as well as the financial compensation for living this wonderful life. That in itself is enough. You will create what Anodea Judith calls a crosscurrent.

This means part of you, your new desire (the incoming wave) is moving in one direction while another part of you, your subconscious programs (the deep undertow) is going in another. They are both powerful forces and each one is dragging you in opposite directions. If you don’t resolve one force, you won’t go anywhere. This is the beauty of choosing to reinvent yourself, you allow crosscurrents to come to the surface. And without the awareness of these forces, you would be forever stuck where you are.

Now you are free to see what beliefs or boundaries in your thinking are holding you back from moving towards your imagined life. This is what I have been going through. My sabbatical turned out to be a personal reinvention. That involved a whole lot more resolution of limiting beliefs than I would have imagined. I think we make big leaps every so often in our lives and getting up and over the next wall, which could mean totally different relationships, a higher financial capability, lifting yourself up higher and becoming more visible, requires something Herculean. All the beliefs I had to face at one point had been protections. Playing small meant safety, but one day, assuming you are following your inner promptings, you come to realize You wrote your play, You packed your lunch, You brought the trunk filled with Earth props. What are you waiting for?

And once you move the walls out of the way, the path seems obvious!
-Julie Hutslar
Let me now spotlight the product of my own reinvention. Building on my past, the curriculum I have offered for years, empowering and focusing on the ability to connect (in a multitude of ways), what unfolded was my new company, Advantage Interpersonal Relations Training.

This allows me to do what I love: connect with people (they just happen to be in businesses and organizations) all over, training in communications and relations. I get to travel, meet loads of new people, and most of all empower others to greater understanding, acceptance and appreciation. How I describe this new process is similar to the energy work I have done for so long. I follow an energy trail looking for the stuck places~ only this time it is through the organism that is the company, not one individual. I find that so fascinating and exciting!

There’s no time like the present for offering unique relationship skills for creating a business that people gravitate to and want to refer to. Most people leave their companies for the following three reasons: they feel misunderstood, not accepted or unappreciated. What if simple and practical tools could help people understand each other better, find their own sense of acceptance and appreciation? What would that company look like? Then extrapolate that. What would our country look like? Convicted that this is my present path, impassioned about empowering and confident that the world needs this work, I continue down the Yellow Brick Road! Thankfully past my wicked witches and flying monkeys, ready for a bright tomorrow!

And if you know of anyone or any company or organization who could use my services, please let me know. I appreciate that so much!
To play a wrong note is insignificant, but to play without passion is unforgivable."


"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind."
Robert Oxton Bolt
Genuine Gratitude for you all

In looking back over the last 20 years or so of facilitating Core Belief Restructuring sessions, leading women’s retreats, Spiritual Vision Quest programs, Expanding Consciousness groups, youth camps and personal guidance, I owe each of you a debt of gratitude. Each of you played into my story in the perfect way you did, offering me an opportunity to grow and learn, to empower or share, to teach, to become, and to connect. I always learned something about myself through each session and grew immensely through the extended programs. Thank you all, from the deepest part of my heart. Your initials are carved there! Many blessings along your own journey.  Julie
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