Julie Hutslar's June 2015 Quarterly Newsletter

Those who would see the witnesses to truth instead of to illusion merely ask that they might see a purpose in the world that gives it sense and makes it meaningful.
You have the right to all the universe-to perfect peace, complete deliverance from all effects of sin and to the life eternal, joyous and complete in every way.
Nothing is changeless but the Will of God.

What does Turning it Over Really Mean?

If you’re like me, the concept of turning over a problem to a higher force is quite appealing, yet if you’re like me, you have taken it back the very next day. How do you turn something over and then trust, really trust that someone or something wiser and more powerful than you has your best interest in mind and will deal with the problem?
Well, in questioning that during my own inner work I have come up with some realizations. First and foremost, my ego has a very specific idea of an acceptable outcome already in mind and anything outside of that becomes unacceptable, which then turns into doubt. After all, I have turned over the problem and now something else is happening and I don’t care for that, so it must not have worked.
I just finished Michael Singer’s new book The Surrender Experiment and he basically says to accept what life is offering. Period. Sounded like the movie Yes Man with Jim Carrey and I liked that premise a lot until Michael tells the true story of returning to his wooded property after being gone a few weeks to find someone building a cabin on his property. WHA? At that point I assumed he would say, boundaries now supersede acceptance. But no, after his initial reaction of WTF he put on his builder Bob belt and helped her build it. NOT what he wanted at all, yet he says, this is what life was offering and so he accepted it. He trusted there was a bigger plan going on. And indeed there was, since he ended up marrying the woman.

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This is the summer for Weekend Workshops up here at the retreat center. Time to shake it up, bring on some lighter fare, rejuvenate and leave with some fun tool or process you learned. Check this out:
July 10-12 Telepathic Connections with pets, loved ones passed on, parents with dementia, infants, anyone not communicating with words.  
July 17-19 Writer’s (Creative) Block opens the creative channels again to renew your passions!
July 24-26 Wise Women Weekend invites the wise woman in you to deepen your practice, add some tools to your bag of tricks and be inspired with other empowered women!
July 31-Aug 2 Helpful Astrology offers you an amazing tool for guidance and insight into your own journey and those you journey with!
Sept 3-6 Couple’s Workshop~ Caring for the Soul of your Marriage/Partnership is a longer workshop (only spot for one more couple) that helps you look at your stories and how they play together and the lessons the relationship itself brings. NOTE the new date from last month’s newsletter!
Sept 11-13 Watercolor Workshop uses painting as a method of opening the creative channels and lets the passion out, while learning watercolor techniques too!
Oct 2-4 Ethnic Vegetarian Cooking is going to be a very fun and delicious workshop, learning how to cook Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Thai, fusion, Ethiopian and Caribbean.
Pick your favorite and inspire your soul with a weekend in a remote mountain retreat, joyful new connections and learn something new and fun the Julie Method of you can do no wrong because you are the perfect expression of creation energy just the way you are.
Arrive Friday afternoon and depart Sunday at 1pm. For more info, contact Julie or click on the above titles which link you to the web page about it. Can’t wait to see you!!
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But back to the trust part, that appears to be the issue. Can you trust that there IS a bigger plan for you? Can you trust that your higher, wiser Spirit Self knows what that is and knows the shortest way to get you there? And that Spirit Self will use you to assist and inspire others along the way too. Waste not, want not.
The issue for me, I discovered, was the willingness to accept WHATEVER life was bringing to me. I thought all this manifesting and The Secret and everything meant that life should be sunshine and riches. Well, not totally, but you know what I mean. Life was offering me things I did not want, or thought I ought to be in charge of things going a different way.
So there I was, facing the idea that I had been contriving my life consciously. And it was going pretty darn well too, but something was missing. I discovered it was the unexpectedness in any given day that could totally reroute me. It was the total allowing that whoever and whatever life put in my path, I would embrace it. That isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t like what life is placing before you.
But again, there is that bigger picture trust. Someone can see above the stage and has a clue about my path in a way I cannot. I know that, philosophically. I teach it (but I am also heard to have said MANY times that you teach what you need to learn!) Finally I am able to live it. I have found a way to make it stick too.
Whenever I find myself concerned or worrying about an outcome or something, I picture this brilliant being of tremendous love and radiant light beaning from within me, larger by hectares than my body, waiting patiently. I take my problem or concern, sometimes fold it into a paper airplane and set it asail into that light. It dissipates into way too bright light, but I know wild and fabulous ideas are going to be applied to it while I sleep and it makes me giddy and I smile. Now I cannot wait for tomorrow. I know things will happen that I had not planned and they will be totally awesome and outrageous and brilliant, because I got out of the way…  
-Julie Hutslar
Lindy Lewis, a Spirit Vision Quester extraordinaire, has just completed her book entitled Recovering Alpha Female and is a must have for every woman who has ever pushed herself and is looking for grace. She shares her own stories and the wisdom of being kind to herself. A wonderful gift for a friend or yourself.
Now is the time to make a decision about this fall’s Spiritual Vision Quest start. The dates are Sept 20-25 and the group is forming! If your heart yearns for a deeper and more fulfilling life, if you want tools to interpret this insane world, if you want ways to mature and manage your inner chatter, your ego and over indulgent emotional self, then this program is that and so much more. As I follow Spirit in my own life, I am not sure how many more SVQ programs I will be facilitating, so if you are waiting, don’t wait too long.
My formula for success was very simple: Do whatever is put in front of you with all your heart and soul without regard for personal results.  Do the work as though it were given to you by the universe itself-because it was. –Michael Singer
What if every wrinkle, scar, or gray hair only made you more beautiful? What if every tear you've shed, mistake you've made, and challenge you've faced, only drew you closer to the light? And what if, for every breath you've taken, every sentence you've spoken, and every path you've chosen, your fans in the unseen multiplied?

 I'd say it's about time you found out.
Be proud, we are -

    The Universe

Only one thing made him happy
and now that it was gone
made him happy
—Leonard Cohen
Turning it Over Tool
To elaborate from the article on one way to turn your problems over begin with the truth of who you are. Not your body or personality, but the truth that within you is a Soul created by an Infinite Creator or Creation Energy itself. This being is made of light; pure, radiant, and brilliant light, unlimited by time space or matter, sinless, divine and free. No matter that we may forget that is truly who we are, if you can bring your mind back to it from time to time, it assists this journey for sure.
Bring your awareness to this brilliant light, it helps to face the direct sun while doing it. With your eyes closed, picture that warm and loving light coming from within you yet extending up and out hugely. Now you can see it all around you. Take your worry, perhaps it can be on a flier or Excel document or checkbook register and simply hand it up and out to this Divine You. Feel that sense of relief and joy as someone way more capable and expansive takes it with joy. There is no sense of burdening your higher self, it is effortless for that You and expected as you become more aware that it exists! Just try it!
And if you have taken it back the next day, return it to those capable hands as many times as you need to. Then enjoy the moment and what life is presenting, which is what we were meant to do.
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