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"On your learning depends the welfare of the world. And it is only arrogance that would deny the power of your will. Do you think the will of the Creator is powerless? Is this humility? You do not see what this belief has done. You see yourself as frail, vulnerable and easily destroyed and at the mercy of countless attackers more powerful than you….If you were one with God and recognized this oneness, you would know Its power is YOURS."

Funk or Transition?

When you feel you are in a funk, feeling unhappy and lifeless about your current circumstances, how do you know if it is a funk or a life transition? Transition is simply a passage from one stage or place to another. It is change. It is evolution.
Doesn’t it make sense that to move from one stage to another, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you would go through a space of not feeling centered or belonging? You have left a previous space you outgrew and are taking a risk to follow a calling to move into a new space. That new space still does not feel comfortable or familiar and can certainly be interpreted as being funky. The lifeless feeling may come from not really being able to feel enough security or joy to then express yourself. And anyway, what is your unique and genuine way of expressing or experiencing yourself now? You still don’t know. Your main concern becomes finding solid ground.
But what if you deny the calling, resist the urge to move forward, allow fears to keep you remaining in a stale space? Wouldn’t funk then come as a messenger to alert you that you cannot stay whether you want to or not? It propels you to grow.

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Couples Weekend Workshop! Mark your calendars! After much discussion, querying, and deliberation, we (Tamora Talbott a relationship counselor from Michigan and I) are offering the first ever Couple’s Workshop. Stay tuned for more info, but we have limited space for only 4 couples, so if you are interested, better let me know to put your name on the list now! It is threatening to be a VERY powerful weekend. Don’t miss it! July 31-Aug 2.

   Mary, Pamela, Buddy, Diana & Cathy
Another group of Spiritual Questers just graduated this last week from their 18-month program. What a journey it was and how they will be missed. All told, four weeks of meeting together in person, 72 conference calls, 18 personal growth calls, not to mention the indescribable energy of the group dynamic, how each person played a role for someone else to see their unresolved issues and supported each others’ challenges and growth. Kudos to you all! The world is a better place for your efforts!  While the group that began in the fall still continues to transform, another group is starting to form for the 2015 fall start date. Is this YOUR group? Are you finally ready to answer the call?
Continued~  Funk or Transition?

So perhaps it is in the interpretation or the perspective that we use to understand our predicament that either allows us to feel like a victim (I cannot get out of this funk) or a co-creator (I have to take steps to grow my circumstances). A Course in Miracles describes it like this:
“When you come to a place where the branch in the road is quite apparent, you cannot go ahead. You must go either one way or the other. For now if you go straight ahead, the way you went before you reached the branch, you will go nowhere. The whole purpose of coming this far was to decide which branch you will take now. The way you came no longer matters. No one who reaches this far can make the wrong decision, but you can delay. And there is no part of the journey that seems more hopeless and futile than standing where the road branches and not deciding which way to go.” 
But it also goes on to say that your way is decided. I suspect we decided a long time ago, but in the meantime, all sorts of fears and concerns arose that seemed to protect us at one time, but now only serve to delay. When I think of whatever wall appears to keep me in a funk, unable to go forward or go back, I remember that it is not solid. That only an illusion stands between me and my most brilliant self. The way through it lies clearly in my perspective~ either remain delayed and victimized or face my fears and find the courage to lift my leg up higher the next step I take.  

                                               -Julie Hutslar
For those of you in Utah, take advantage of a unique opportunity. Liz (Adkinson) Schwinck, a graduate of the very first Spiritual Vision Quest program in 2009, is offering a Chakra Creativity Workshop. April 18 and 19 are the dates and Vernal, UT is the place. Find your creative voice through understanding and developing your own personal energy centers. Contact Liz for more info at
Jody Pignolet, who graduated last summer as a Certified Core Belief Restructuring Practitioner, has a new office. She is sharing with me at our new space at 801 Pine St in Sandpoint and is offering a special introductory deal you will not want to miss. Until June 1st of this year, she is offering a limited number of free sessions. Sample her powerful work and then her rate is $80 a session. She specializes in personal transformation guidance, energy management education and also weaves in understanding of your birth chart into the work, all helping you access your own awesomeness! Connect with her at
Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself."
-- Richard Bach
"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is yours -- it is an amazing journey -- and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins."
-- Bob Moawad
"He who is not every day conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Facing Fears 
So let’s say you do realize you are stalling and there is a very real fear standing in your way, what can you do? Imagine first that you are walking away from the fear, as we usually like to turn our backs on it. Then turn around and face it. Stand with eyes locked on the thing you fear. Perhaps you don’t even know what it is, but it will be some variation of your own brilliance.
After you face the fear, simply ask: Why have I made you my fear? Then patiently await an image, a knowing or a thousand memories that will act as the answer. Listen. Acknowledge and then find a way to embrace the fear. You are the parent to that fear and what do children want but to be seen and loved? What homemade fear is waiting for your attention?
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