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A Course in Miracles Quotes

"The secret of salvation is but this: that you are doing this to yourself."

 "And you will understand that miracles reflect the simple statement, I have done this thing, and it is this I would undo."

 "For you would not react to all the figures in a dream you knew that you were dreaming. Let them be as hateful and as vicious as they may, they could have no effect on you unless you failed to recognize it is your dream."

Killing You Softly (part 2)

A Course in Miracles says that nothing in this illusion can hurt you unless you believe it can. Are you coming to believe you are god or are you at least able to say you recognize you are an aspect of god? If so, you must realize that you would not have placed anything that is poisonous or harmful to you on the planet before you incarnated here. Why would god do that? What exists however are millions of years of group consciousness and that helps form our thoughts about this place, and those thoughts then form our reality. What is happening before our very eyes is perfectly exemplified by tobacco.

Some years ago tobacco was singled out as evil, and systematically turned into a demonic killer of health and life. The Tobacco plant itself is exactly like every other item on this planet. It carries the perfect vibration of a living and growing being. It is only through our systematic labeling and group poisoning that have helped create the negative effects of tobacco we witness now. The same thing is happening with wheat and sugar, two substances that also carry only perfect vibrations of a living being. Through the insanity of this bizarre illusion though, we are allowing the very staff of life, bread, to poison our bodies. There is not the space or breadth in this article to discuss the whys and hows, but only to look at the, what now(?). How can we, as awakening and evolving beings, participate in a world that appears to be poisoning its own? Continued below...

Resources & Events

In response to many requests for more practical how to tools, the Women’s Retreats have been revamped and restructured to more accurately meet the needs of the attendees. These workshops offer five intensive days of training, practice, and group support. At a time when the thought of a retreat feels like a luxury, the Living in Spirit Workshops provide the necessary emotional, mental and spiritual tools to upgrade your life. Now may not be the time to indulge, but you can take life changing action! Learn how to embrace all your innate gifts, buried under years of self-sabotaging beliefs. You need those unique gifts~ the world needs them~ in this critical era of spiritual upgrading. The August 3-7 workshop focuses on Joyful Living and October 12-16 we uncover you're Already Perfect! Step it up.

June 26-30 Beginning Youth Camp and July 11-15 Continuing Youth Camp here at Spirit Vision Retreat Center. They are almost full, so contact Julie asap to reserve a spot. Your children learn to take responsibility for the life they have written, directed, produced and now star in!

Second two weekends of August are the Artists Studio Tour open studio weekends here in the Sandpoint, ID area. Mark your calendar.

August 28-Sept 2 is the start week of this year’s Spiritual Vision Quest 18-month program. Make a destinty shift of a lifetime!

Sunset Mountains Watercolor

Killing You Softly
...continued from above.
First, awareness is paramount. Be aware that the energy of a single shaft of wheat-bearing kernels of nutrition and life carries god within it. God is everywhere, is it not? Is anything that lives and has life giving energy pulsing through it not have Universal Life Force energy within it? How can it not? And what happens to that godness between the shaft of wheat and the slice of bread? Water, life giving substance to all living things is added. Salt, also a necessary component to human living, is added. And yeast, a living organism containing life, is included. That is bread. How did that become poison?

Swaying columns of sugar cane? Containing god energy? Or did that get excluded when all other living entities received the breath of life? Cow’s milk? Eggs from chickens? Which of these have been cursed by god as evil? Who is god to do that, except us? We are god and it is time to accept that truth and determine some things for yourself.

Secondly, return to blessing your food. I suggest it would be very challenging indeed to try and go against everyone and everything that has cursed tobacco, but are we going to let this happen with the very essence of our food products? Dairy, wheat and sugar? Do you know what the body does to everything you insert into your mouth? It turns it to little packets of energy we call molecules of ATP (this is greatly simplified - research the Krebs cycle for more info on this topic), and do you know how ATP is formed? Glucose is a prime component of this process - yes Glucose (a sugar). So how did we systematically predetermine that the word sugar become bad for us, evil, in fact? Again, the insane illusion. But choose to participate in what you eat. As you bless your food, recognize not only the one who prepared it for you, but the cow or pig or shaft of wheat that offered its life force energy to merge with yours. As you do this, you are canceling out the negative effects that our minds have jointly created. You are enacting your right as god to decide what is true for you. Choose foods to purchase at the grocery that intuitively feel right for you. Step into the truth that you know what is best for yourself, listen to your intuition, feel a buoyancy about the product as you relate it to your body. Take control of your own well-being by choosing a sane world within an insane illusion.

Looking for something to help you stay in a positive space more often and learn while you do it? In response to many inquiries regarding consistent spiritual support as well as a void in general spiritual guidance venues, the Cultivating Spirit Teleseminar Program comes into being.

This teleseminar program cultivates spirit, offers a consistent venue for gathering tools and connecting with a like-minded group. Where do you go when you want a wider perspective? You know one exists, but mainstream thinking simply does not supply it. Join the call for a higher perspective on any given day or listen to a whole series. Watch for July start dates. Choose any level of commitment that feels right and take advantage of a new option in personal growth by cultivating your spirit!


“Worrying is using your imagination for something you don’t want.” 

 “Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. 
Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviors. 
Keep your behavior positive because your behaviors become your habits. 
Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.”


Buoyant and Sinking Thoughts

People are always asking how they can better access their own guidance. There are as many ways as there are people, but here is a simple and effective way to help determine if something is right for you and when. Hold an object in your hand, or think of it in your mind. Then simply observe your body, do you get a slight sinking feeling or a buoyant or floating feeling? Pay attention and you will put your body's innate wisdom to work for you. Think of an event you could go to. Then pay attention to the accompanying feeling of either sinking or buoyancy. If it is sinking, you really don’t want to go, and your message is do something else. If it is buoyant, go, it will be worthwhile. This will be your inner guide. It works very well with determining if a food product is what your body needs and when. Sometimes you may get a sinking feeling on the same thing that you would get a buoyant feeling on at a different time of the day. For example, a piece of delicious dark chocolate at 9 in the morning may feel sinking, but the same chocolate after lunch may feel buoyant or vice versa. You are finding a way to register what is right for your own body, based on your own personal beliefs. So as you redefine your dream, do it for your own greatest good!

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