Julie Hutslar's July 2012 Newsletter

The Oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity, and your limitless power. This limitless power is God’s gift to you, because it is what you are. If you dissociate your mind from it, you are perceiving the most powerful force in the Universe as if it were weak because you do not believe you are part of it.

 The extension of God’s Being is the Soul’s only function.

Be the Solution

Right now, what simmers on the back burner of your mind? What problem, big or small, are you wrestling with? Even as I draw your attention to it, you can feel its resonant vibration, perhaps as a knot in the stomach, clammy hands or a feeling of queasiness. Throughout the day, how often do you lift the lid and stir that simmering pot, smelling the unfulfilling aroma of a problem yet solved?

Yet as I was gracefully reminded three times this week (in a newsletter, a book and a quote) the vibration of the solution is very different than that of the problem. So every time we stir that pot, we are resonating again and again with the vibration of the problem, not the solution! So according to the Universal Law of Attraction, we are drawing more of the problem energy to us, NOT the solution. Imagine that! Who made up these rules anyway? Weren’t we taught as conscientious young people to have a certain amount of deference, respect and concern for a ‘real’ problem? Yet everything is mind created, hmm, are we giving weight to the problem by giving it value (time, energy, respect, concern)?

What of the vibration of the solution? Not the solution itself, because you don’t know what that is, or you wouldn’t be still wrestling with the problem, but how do you locate that solutional vibration?

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Boys Summer Camp (July 31-Aug 3) is still open for a few more young men and coming upon us quickly. Since we have a group of all boys, we have many action packed activities and wild surprises. Give a gift that will change one young boy’s life forever. Offer them the opportunity to learn tools of self-management and ways to empower their wisest self! (Anyone wanting to assist, but have no young men, Inspiring Grace and Kinderhaven, both local non-profits centered around young people, are sponsoring kids and could use your help).

Don’t forget, Holly McGarry and her band are playing for the first of our Summer Concert Series and all proceeds will benefit Inspiring Grace, a teen empowerment non-profit July 29. Contact Julie or Inspiring Grace for tickets. $25.

August is Art Month: The second and third weekends of August are Open Studios for the Artists Studio Tour in North Idaho and certainly worth your time. Over 30 local artists and artisans open their personal studios to the public and offer deep discounts on their works. Julie’s studio is among them and filled with lots of new artworks! No appointment necessary, from 10-6 Fri-Sun both weekends. Visit the web site for maps and open studios. www.ArtTourDrive.orgStudio during Tour

Women, the time is upon us, time to make a decision about your relationship with your spirit. The first of two Living in Spirit Women’s Retreats this year is August 23-27 and portends to be a powerful and intimate group. Email or call and book your spot, there’s no time like the present. Learn empowering tools, gain meaningful relationships with other Seekers and rejuvenate and nurture the wisest part of you!

Still gathering this year’s participants for the 2012 start of the Spiritual Vision Quest. Are you one? For more info, visit Spiritual Vision Quest and listen to the consistent and kind, yet tenacious voice of your spirit.

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Once I was offered some wisdom in just this situation and told to ask the question, what do you want? What is the outcome you would really like? And what does that feel like? Sit with those emotions and that potentiality. What feeling now begins to arise in you? Contentment, joy, celebration, completion, ecstasy, amidst smiles and rejoicing? THIS is the energy of a solution.

Assume you trust that everything works out for your greater good, even if you can’t figure that out in the interim, and that there is a Force of Creation Energy that you tap from with your thoughts. Connect the dots.

Eventually we all end up exactly where we long to be, and who we desire to be. Perhaps not the route we intended, but we are all drawn to our highest selves. Now, take that faith and attach it to the emotions of a solution beyond your wildest dreams and you have essentially created the solution before it has arrived. No, you have invited the solution, you have rolled out the red carpet. What magnanimous solution would not want to come your way now??

-Julie Hutslar

Girl's Camp July 2012

The first year to have a camp specifically for girls, it was a fabulous idea. They did art crafts til one girl thought they should go to Collage Anonymous! An amazing group of open minded and loving girls, they explored their own gifts through inner work and outer play, and discovered many things. They are powerful energy beings and can connect with all living things, communicate, share their hearts and know those who challenge them in completely different ways. Thank you for supporting these girls and thank Inspiring Grace, who made this possible for some, thank you so much!!
Mac, Grace and Jaz enjoy the river Jazmine with the puppetsMaya in costume

CBR Continuing Education

Last weekend the first graduating class of Core Belief Restructuring practitioners met for continuing education on Deep Descent Work. Serious about their practice, this was a very profound and powerful weekend. Watch for deeply increased power coming from all of us as we seek even deeper for what blocks our highest potential!
Deep Descent Worj

"Those who do not move do not notice their chains." Rosa Luxemburg

"Deep listening from the heart is one half of true communication. Speaking from the heart is the other half." - Sara Paddison

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. They are but trifles, to be sure, but, scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable." - Joseph Addison

"When I feel the Universe loving me, I am Home. When I feel me loving me, I AM the Universe."

HOW to be the Solution

Accessing the non-conscious mind speeds up the process of recreating your world through your thoughts. The early morning, just as you arise and the evening, just before you retire are generally times you can more easily access the deeper mind. You are coming from a non-conscious state or you are ready to enter it.

Use this time wisely, instead of recounting the day or making mental preparations, spend this time smiling with the completed energy of basking in the beauty of a perfect solution to whatever ails you. Imagine what it would feel like on the other side of the problem. Don’t let your mind try and imagine a HOW, allow the Universe to supply the most optimum idea for the energy that you are creating and desire. So just sit and BE with the solution, enjoying it, not wresting with the many facets and possible complexity of the problem, but simply the feeling of a problem solved in a way you could not have imagined even wildly!!

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