Julie Hutslar's December 2014 Quarterly Newsletter

For what you look for you are far more likely to discover than what you would prefer to overlook.
Perception is a choice, not a fact.
I am responsible for what I see.
I choose the feelings I experience and I decided on the goal I would achieve.
And everything that seems to happen to me
I asked for and received as I had asked.


The Key to Manifesting is in the Verb

 There has been tremendous talk about the power of manifesting this last decade or so, pointing us in the direction of what is possible within the mind. If you remember watching The Matrix for the first time years ago, you may recall the scene where Neo and Morpheous train in martial arts while walking on the walls. We joked about how that was setting up the young generation to believe that was possible.

If you have not seen Parkour, the new mode of physical expression started in France, you may want to Google it and watch a YouTube. These young people are literally running up walls. No hooks or special effects, seriously, they simply run up and down walls JUST like in The Matrix.
They do it because they believe they can do it. This is the foundation of manifesting. You have to believe somewhere inside you that it is possible. If you do not, you must then do the next thing: become that which you wish to manifest.
Many people make the classic mistake of desiring, wishing and wanting something. They think that the more they wish, the more they fixate on the thing, the sooner it will come. It would seem like it would have to. But imagine that what is drawing the thing to you is the emotion, the verb, the beingness. You are the creator, and you create through sending a signal out that collects everything of the same signal and returns it to you. So if you send out the signal of wanting or wishing, you get more wanting or wishing, which is not fulfillment, it is desire.

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Workshops this Winter in Michigan and Seattle!

Taking it on the road, my first stop this winter is MICHIGAN! Hosted by several wonderful clients and friends, the first workshop is Jan.10 in Hastings, Michigan, between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. The topic is Practical Tools for Reprogramming your Life! If you are the writer, director, producer and main actor of your own story, why are you not living the life you want? Learn new tools for new solutions.

Noon-1pm is a free talk for those who want to know what this is about and the hands on workshop is 1:30-4:30. Then Jan 11th, I will offer the same workshop in Traverse City, Michigan from 1-4pm at the Grand Traverse Circuit. Follow this link for info or to register for either of these workshops.

Feb 12th in Seattle, Washington, is the intro talk, the workshop on Feb 14th from 3:30-6:30pm at East West Bookshop.  I am really looking forward to meeting so many of my out of town clients in person. I personally invite you! Please come if you can!
If you are local to Sandpoint, Idaho, take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Janice Lindgren’s facilitation of a Family Constellation workshop Jan. 24th from 9am-4pm at the Gardenia Center. Cost is only $35 and is well worth it. This unique method of healing ultimately offers more love to flow, not only in any family dynamic, but within all the participants and representatives present. It is truly amazing! Contact Bala for more info or to register.
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But if you send out the signal of having, or being…you draw that same energy back. Having the vehicle you want, or the body you want or the relationship you want is different from desiring. Having means you are already fulfilled. You can already experience the feeling of any of those things. You can smell it, touch it, imagine all the facets of the particular experience you want to bring into your life.
Bypass the mode of exchange, money, and go right to the things you want. You are not in charge of how it arrives. Your job is to already be in possession of it, to know that as a creator, you only must feel it, imagine it, draw it by experiencing it. Be the verb associated with it.
Can you feel powerful? Can you glide like a thin and graceful body? Can you be clear, calm or confident? Find the vibration of what you wish to draw into your life and match it. Be the mountains if you want to live in the mountains. Be the confident and affluent business person you want to be. Feel yourself empowering or healing if that is what you want.
Then the more committed you are to that constant vibration with focused clarity, the sooner that signal will draw to you more of the same. Bring on 2015!
                                        -Julie Hutslar
Winter project?
When the sun spends more time with our brothers in the Southern Hemisphere, it offers more time for inner reflection and personal projects as we enjoy more darkness outside. This year, offer yourself something that would be fun, rewarding and valuable to you. It doesn’t matter if it is valuable to anyone else. What have you been wanting to do, but have not made the time for it? No better time than now. No exterior distractions, no hugely physically active things calling, no gardens to tend or yards to mow. Allow winter to cradle the new thought or idea, nurture your project or creative venture.
Some ideas: a painted tile project for somewhere cool in the house (see your local pottery shop to help), a novel rising up in you that wants out (see CreateSpace to make it real), a sewing project to show support for someone in a new career (look online for patterns you can download), felt banners with inspiring words or images for your kids’ walls (see Pintrest for more ideas) You know what you want to do. Just do it this winter.
If all beings are Buddha, how about someone like Genghis Khan or Hitler? When you start a painting, you have a blank piece of paper, everything is possible. The minute we start painting, we create one of the countless possibilities that is our life, moment to moment.  ~Maezumi Roshi “The Heart of Being”
If I create from my heart, nearly everything works, if from the head, almost nothing.
~ Marc Chagall
I think I’ve been trying to create from my ass, because that’s where my head’s been buried for a long time.
~ J. Strauss
More than any one thing, this is the easiest way to continue the flow of creation manifestation in your life in the way you prefer. Every evening before turning in for the day, take a moment to reflect on the day. Select moments that were stellar to you, allow yourself to feel grateful in your heart that you participated in them.

Then move on to the people. Ponder everyone that showed up that day, find a way to be grateful for them. Did they challenge you, support you, connect with you, entertain you? Offer your gratitude.

Then go to the experiences you did not particularly like. Find the lesson or gem in them, give gratitude that you managed through them, that you learned from them, that they taught you something even if it was the backwards way. Allow your heart to expand with love and gratitude. You are creating the following day from the best of today!!
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