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A Course in Miracles Quotes

"Everything you perceive is a witness to the thought system you want to be true."

"He (the Divine) does not require obedience, for obedience implies submission. He would only have you learn your own will and follow it, not in the spirit of sacrifice and submission, but in the gladness of freedom."

"You will awaken to your own call, for the Call to awake is within you."

What is Your Motivation?

Do you feel unhappy about some of the things you do? Do you often feel resentment? Do you sometimes feel out of balance or out of integrity after doing certain things?

You’ve heard the saying, follow the money, right? It’s a way to determine where the motivation for things comes from and often it is a great way to get to the heart of many political and financial decisions. Money is simply a synonym for value in our world. Put your money where your mouth is means let’s see you put value on what you say has value, right? Let’s assume for a moment that everything you continue to do has some sort of value to you, you’re getting something out of it, even if it is not money, or you would cease doing it. The intangibles are what I want to look at. Let’s look at what gives you value.

Does sacrificing bring value to you, make you feel better about yourself, as if your having less or none allows others to have more brings value to an otherwise valueless being? Does putting yourself in a miserable position have value? You always have a reason to complain maybe, or you feel justly punished? What is your ulterior motive for doing things?

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Resources & Events

August 3-7 is the Women’s Retreat/Workshop entitled Joyful Living and is an opportunity to get some practical tools for embracing joy in your life. This isn’t just about playing, it is about acknowledging some powerful things about yourself that then keep you from overcompensating in all kinds of wacky crazy human centric ways (see article above!) When is it time to spend on your own self, on your own spiritual growth? At the end of this manifest life, what will have marked it as valuable to you, what will you have nurtured to take with you?

October 12-16 gives you a beautiful autumn opportunity (the last retreat this year) in the Women’s Retreat/Workshop Already Perfect. Does that title make you run? Then it’s for you! For more info:

Fifth year running for me is the Artists Studio Tour of North Idaho so if you are local to the Inland Northwest, please stop by my studio any day of these two weekends. August 12-14 or 19-21 a group of artists and artisans open their studios to the public, it’s an intimate and awesome experience. Please come by! Visit for a map and hours.

There are two spots left for the Spiritual Vision Quest for 2011 and I am sure someone reading this has their name on it. This is a master spirit-based 18-mo program that leaves no stone unturned. Face your fears, empower your inner knowing, live up to your highest potential!
Sunset Mountains Watercolor

What is Your Motivation?
...continued from above.

Do you need attention or limelight? Why? Because your inherent value does not emanate on its own, it needs someone else to see it to believe it’s there? Do you appear aloof and distant? Motive? To keep others at bay so they don’t see your inner emptiness or lack of value? Who knows? Do you need constant love and affection? Motive? To help you feel loved, valued, comforted?

Do you have to always do things for other people? Do you offer advice or assistance in other ways? Why? Does it make you feel more valuable? Do you base your value on how many people you helped that day, preferably at your expense? Are you a workaholic? Proving your value through long hours of finger bone baring work? Where do you get your value?  As you can see, there are tons of ways. But why do we do that? Why do we feel we are not inherently valuable, which is what all the motivations boil down to? I would venture a guess that we believe we are flawed. Most humans believe they are not perfect, not precious, not worthy.

Yet there could not be a statement further from the Truth.

You are a reflection of your Creator, you are a divine being, your soul was fabricated from the pure essence of life force energy, of unconditional acceptance. You are radiant light, powerful, wise, whole, sinless and perfect. Yet you continue to believe otherwise.

Follow your motivations back, where is their source? Is it divine love or worthlessness? Then ask yourself, what is your motivation for continuing to believe you could possibly be anything but what your Creator made~ like Itself, perfect, sinless, eternal and divine?

June and July were the months for the two Youth Camps and they were powerful. We had some young people from California, Florida and Utah as well as many local returns from last year. What I love most about working with young people is that they embrace truth when they know it and ignore it when they cannot know it. They are joyful to work with and often play the role of teacher as we all garner what we came together for. Moments of treasure were sitting with the younger kids as they laid on giant boulders to help them ground and found a deep resonance with the rocks. With the older kids, participating with them as they uncovered unconscious fears and found creative ways to embrace them and learn from them was very enlightening. What a profound experience! Thank you all for participating, allowing your children to come or assisting. I am very grateful!

"Children are our reflection.
Not new words, however it came to me differently ~ on the backs of goose-bumps.
They are OUR reflection.
They mirror back to us the way we move through life.
They provide the most honest, challenging reflection of ourselves - to ourselves.
They are the purest evaluation of our progress."

- Lynne Whitaker

"We make our own gravity to give weight to things." - Ani DiFranco



One of the most fundamental yet powerful tools you could embrace is grounding. It is a very effortless focus on being present, available and rooted in this experience. My own brand of grounding is quite simple. It goes like this. Sit quietly in a comfortable position or stand. Feel your bones, flesh, body touching the place where gravity is pulling you down. This could be your chair, cushion, floor, or ground. Bring your awareness from your head to this weighted place. Feel yourself heavy like lead, but no need to effort anything like tightening muscles. Imagine growing roots from your feet or sitzbones, allow them to penetrate the earth, into the soil and way below. Watch as these roots become longer and grow other roots and tentacles on them. Send them down as deep as your mind can imagine them. You are firmly rooted in the Earth. She has chosen you to incarnate here now and you have chosen her of all the infinite options available. You are connected and you belong.

Now take your energy signature, the same energy you are sending down into the Earth, and spiral it up your spine (chakras) 7 times starting at the base of your spine and ending at the crown of your head. You are connecting your manifest and energetic self to this experience. Then continue to imagine that energy like electricity coming out of your head and traveling to some distant constellation, star, sun, Moon or planet. Whatever you feel an affinity to, lasso it, there is no time, space or matter in energy, you are already there. Swing your energy signature around this celestial place and then bring it back and anchor it to your heart. You are grounded and if you did this once a day for one week, you would find you would be more connected, centered, you would be available to make better decisions, access your own wisdom better and would not be knocked over as easily. Try it. Simple, yet powerful!
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