Julie Hutslar's December 2013 Quarterly Newsletter

"The peace of the Divine is shining within you now, and from your heart extends around the world. It pauses to caress each living thing, and leaves a blessing with it that remains forever and forever."
"It is the ultimate in arrogance to believe you are something other than how you were created by an infinite creator: perfect, sinless, divine and free."

Winds of Transformation Blowing In~
What will this mean to you?

For the last number of years, I have been perfectly content to grow my business, add programs, expand the current ones and encourage new clients. Living in the Bull’s Eye of my life, up on my beautiful mountain top, surrounded by peaceful wilderness, then I purchased a 2014 calendar in October. I love a fresh, crisp blank calendar, gathering guidance about what programs and workshops to offer.
I got my pencil ready and opened my calendar. Then I heard a very clear message: You do not have permission to schedule anything yet. Ok, I thought. I can do it over the Thanksgiving weekend, next month. No worries. November: Pencil ready, open calendar, no clearance. Hmm. There are only 6 weeks left, but alright if you say so.
Ed asks me, what about the web page calendar for 2014? Just put Check back in 2014. OK.
I have been asking every day. What about 2014? Finally, I was able to grasp that I had not been overlooked or was going to die (some of my initial thoughts). What I realized was that 2014 is bringing transformation for many people, all those who are ready. It means this year will not look like last year.
-continued below

My first book, Relationships: Gifts of the Spirit is now available for the Kindle. Regular price is $6.49, but Amazon is offering a special: FREE on Christmas Day only!! Don’t miss this gift!! Amazon Kindle Link to book.
Also, watch for a new YouTube coming soon called How to Love. Don’t forget to visit the web site for other resourceful YouTubes, such as on grieving and a relaxation meditation as well as the questions/sharing blog.
Winds of Transformation (cont'd)
At first I thought this meant a natural or national disaster or crisis, but was told this transformation will not affect everyone. It is more like a stepping up. I have felt this for some time, but not like this. This required that I look at my entire life, what was I attached to? What was I holding on to as an image of me that would eclipse a brighter one? What was I so invested in that I was not open to another way of being?
Then finally, while driving over a bridge, listening to beautiful inspiring Christmas music, I got it. I needed to turn myself completely and wholly over to Spirit. I knew that meant whether I was asked to go into hell or leave this place for the spirit world, I had to be 100% committed to being ok with that. And I was. For the first time, I understood what the transformation required of me. Complete surrender. I have always resisted that word, felt like it was giving up, but this time it felt free. It felt like I had laid back into the arms of a Great Wise One and I was going to be tasked with things I would love and that would challenge, inspire and excite me and it was not my big brain at the controls.
What will this transformation require of you?

-Julie Hutslar
“The key to reclaiming our original wholeness is to…fully flesh out our multifaceted, wild psyches, committing ourselves to the larger story we’re capable of living, serving something bigger than ourselves. We must dare again to dream the impossible and to romance the world, to feel and honor our kinship with all species and habitats, to embrace the troubling wisdom of paradox and to shape ourselves into visionaries with the artistry to revitalize our enchanted and endangered world.” ~Bill Plotkin Wild Mind
“As opposed to feeling the frustration about not knowing how to wake up, accept my truth when I tell you that you are already awake.” Tom & Linda Carpenter Dialogue on Awakening
This year is the first for a new program available for those who have completed the 18-month Spiritual Vision Quest. The Expanding Consciousness group (joyfully referred to as ExCons~ recently freed!) is half way through their 8 month program. Since beginning in fall, they have been challenged to expand, they then contract, and expand again larger than ever. It really is about stepping it up and living in the highest vibration possible, theory is not enough. This is definitely harder than expected, but everyone keeps coming back to it, challenging, questioning, sharing.

Love Scouts
Every experience affords the opportunity to either extend love or share fear. If you follow the emotions upstream to their origination, you will find the motivation is either love (unity, community, sharing) or fear (anxiety, worry, paranoia, separation). Understanding your motivation will not only change the nature of your daily experiences, but will assist you in awakening.
Depending upon what energy you emit, you either send love or fear scouts going ahead of you. They are either running ahead enthusiastically announcing your arrival with glee and giggles, saying, “Here I come and I am delighted to connect and share and have fun”. Or they dart ahead paving the way with gloom, doom and dread.

Which one opens doors, brings fluidity and synchronicity to your day and which one creates blockages, closed doors and purposeless trips? What if you could consciously choose? You can! Muster up a welling of passion, joy and love and imagine sending them scurrying off in front of you throughout your day, spreading lightness and connection. Now try it on the calendar that says 2014! Then WATCH out!!
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