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A Course in Miracles Quotes

“Any attempt to resolve the basic conflict through the concept of the mastery of fear is meaningless. In fact, it asserts the power of fear by the simple assumption that it need be mastered. The essential resolution rests entirely on the mastery of love.”

“Where God is, there are you. Such is the truth. Nothing can change the knowledge given you by God into unknowingness. Everything God created knows its Creator.”

Value at What Cost?

Years ago, during a clarifying bout with depression, I realized I had been enabling others to lean on me. Paralyzed by apathy, I soon realized that the empowering person I thought I was, was a sham. Everyone from family, friends, co-workers and employers suddenly were gnawing at me for their solutions, the ones I had so eagerly provided before. Fortunately, I was incapable of providing them and they all learned they really could do for themselves.

But what I realized about myself was that I had a non-conscious method for establishing my own self-worth. And it was dishonoring to others. That was the last thing I would have wanted, consciously touting women’s lib and empowering others to infinite possibilities, yet conspiratorially contriving their dependence on me. If others needed me to help them or assist them, fix their problems or solve their quandaries, then I would indeed be a valuable member of society.

Here I am many number of years later, asking myself, have I changed at all or have I contrived another way of doing it? In the name of spiritual guidance? I know that I am not truly honoring others if in any way I feel fear for my clients, if I worry about my family or if I buy into my students’ stories. And I have had a few blatant experiences lately that prove I have been. But isn’t it natural to worry if you care? Not according to my beliefs. If you truly care, you trust and know that the ones you love, as well as everyone else for that matter, are having the exact experiences they need for their particular journey. I know that and believe it. Yet the old patterns of self-worth creep in to set up shop to help manage what it looks like, what it feels like, the emotional mess of it.

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Resources & Events

The last retreat of the season here at Spirit Vision Retreat Center is the October Women’s Retreat focusing on understanding you are Already Perfect. Oct.12-16 marks 5 days of :

Gourmet meals

Mountain fresh air

Unique Yurt accommodations

Activities that increase self-esteem and confidence

Uncovering your Divine Self

Learning tools to live more fully from your highest potential

Communicating with others from a higher plane

Expanding your heart and uncovering your passion

Learning tools for managing your emotional and mental self

Developing supportive friendships and like-minded camaraderie


Visit for more details or to make a deposit to hold your space.

Spiritual Vision Quest dates and details:

Julie’s You Tube guided visualizations and meditations for relaxation: (watch for upcoming video on grounding).

Purchase Julie’s books direct and receive a personally signed copy:

Sunset Mountains Watercolor

Value at What Cost?
...continued from above.

What can we do? Must we always strive for more, to be better, more perfect, grander, more famous, more helpful, more valuable? When are we enough? When is who we are perfect? When is who you are enough?

Right now. Who you are is a perfect expression of a number of infinite possibilities of an Infinite Creator. That’s all. Nothing more. You are expressing a masterful creator in your unique and perfect way. It is not utopia, it is not infinite peace, it may not be total abundance or conflict-free, but it is what only you can express. Only you. There is your value. It was established for you the moment you were created. You cannot or need not over ride it. You are infinitely valuable, because without you, we are missing a piece of the Creator. You. Me. There is our value.


Spiritual Vision Quest Update

Last month the third group of life-changing, ripple creating, soul seeking individuals began their 18-month journey together. A varied group of people, they were unified in one thing, they could not get enough. Hardly with any breaks, they went through the week, opening hearts and minds, challenging old patterns and beliefs and asking me to look at mine. They met their mentors via phone, the SVQers who began last fall, and are ready for deep inner growth.


Because of the nature of the program, I have discovered that six participants is really optimum, so have decided not to wait until next fall to begin another group. It has had amazing results and far reaching potential, already shifting the lives of those in the programs and those they touch. So a March start date is being planned with a few people already committed. So if this speaks to you and you are ready, please contact Julie. It is a journey into the self and a discovery of uniqueness and perfection that will change your life forever.

“As opposed to the frustration about not knowing how to wake up, accept my truth when I tell you that you are already Awake.” –Dialogue on Awakening

 “You must realize that when you defend yourself, you are really defending your walls. There is nothing else to defend in there. If something happens to challenge the walls of your psyche, you get highly defensive.” –Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul


A Few of My Favorite Things…

Just like the song says, “when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad, I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.” Creating your own collection of favorite things is a wonderful way to uplift a sinking moment. In a small photo album or a little journal, paste pictures and words, quotes and positive intentions that have feel good juice to them. What do you particularly love? Who always makes your heart soar? What experiences make you feel powerful, loved, capable, adventurous or expansive?

Cut pictures out of magazines or find them on the internet and print them. Sunrises over mountain lakes, the sounds of wind chimes, little girls smiles and giggles, root beer floats, kayaking with your dog, shopping on sale racks, shredded BBQ pork on an onion roll, floating on a raft down a river, trains, the word Valhalla or the color violet, create your own personal favorite thing book and keep it near for times when you start to feel a little down. It will pick you right back up.
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