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When Nick Drake, ex-Air Force pilot, gets pulled into the murder case of his former Colonel’s daughter, he doesn’t like it. It’s too easy. Only later, after another murder and the suspect behind bars, does the supernatural awareness of Laura Wexler, mountain woman and spiritualist begin to put the pieces together. Yet the pieces add up to a dark entity occupying hapless souls to do its bidding.
Originally it seemed that revenge was its motivation, but what Nick and Laura uncover goes far beyond revenge~ into past lives, different realms and powerful allies and foes. This supernatural thriller takes the reader through time-inflamed vendettas, military politics and unresolved relationships into the personal struggle of facing inner demons or personal devastation. Entwining them both is their fate, an unfinished relationship and the courage to hurdle longstanding obstacles.


The Untidy Witness ~ our new paranormal mystery novel

A year ago November as the winter was approaching, my husband started warning me he needed a project to get through the long months. He doesn’t really like the snow (perhaps an understatement!) so he needed something indoors and absorbing enough to forget the gray skies and white ground.
I started pondering it, knowing he’s a hard nut to crack. That day I was hiking up the road from our house into the mountains and a truck zoomed past me going full speed. Usually people way out here smile or wave as they go by, but he just sped on as if he had a mission and I could not see who it was. It felt weird.
My overactive imagination began to imagine that he had a dead body in the back of the truck and was going up into the mountains to dump it. I then realized I had been an untidy witness in this event. The story began to unfold in my mind and I knew I had our winter project. I would write every other chapter from my character’s perspective and Ed would write his.
Just then, the truck came back down the mountain and it slowed to talk to me. It was my NEIGHBOR who actually WAS really dumping a dead female body, a deer carcass he had killed and said he was sorry to have been so rude on the way up, but wanted to get the body out as it had been stinking. WOW! That seemed like validation that we had a story!
The character that Ed chose was not the investigator that I had originally imagined, he was MUCH cooler, as you will see. He, in many ways, is the best of Ed.
My character, Laura Wexler, is a part of me as with every author. She is using this experience to regain her personal power and she employs many of the same tools that I do in my own healing work. Many of you will recognize your stories in the book, with different names. You may recognize the methods she uses as ones you yourself have come to employ.

The reason I am sending this special newsletter is because of all my readers, I truly believe that those on this newsletter list will enjoy it the most. It is not just a suspenseful and exciting read, but it has threads of a spiritual nature, is uplifting, offers higher perspectives and loving resources. Thank you for being the inspiration for so much of my work~ reaching people like you, someone who wants more from life than ordinary!!

...The best aspect though is if you suspend disbelief you may come away with more than just having read a good book.” –P. Lewis
Absolutely mesmerized from the first to the last page! Captivating - thrilling - it's as if I became hypnotized with an insatiable craving to turn the page and feel the energy. Literally feeling adrenaline rush through my veins, senses becoming more alive and totally engrossed in the moment...” -Miriam
...The reader is transported to beautiful places, both outward and inward. This book will enrich your life, and have you anxious to read the next one !!” –Janet Snyder
Very powerful stuff! Exciting, engaging, fascinating! Of course, totally believable from my vantage point. When are going to write another?” –Ann
If you get it and read it and want to post a review, we would be honored. Think book clubs, sharing on Facebook and loaning the book to your friends. Available on Kindle and in paperback!!! THANK YOU!!!

The Untidy Witness  is available from Amazon or you can get a double signed copy from us through my web page. Free shipping too!

We are expected to attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed..unless God steps in."

The Prayer pf Jabez

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