Julie Hutslar's June 2012 Newsletter

Your minds are so powerful a light that you can look into (your brothers’) eyes and enlighten them.

To heal is to liberate totally.

…All power is yours.

What you believe you are determines your gifts.

A real sense of being cannot be yours while you are doubtful of what you are. That is why vigilance is essential.

Heeding the Signs

Many people believe we are facing the end of days and whether that means the physical end or a metaphorical end, the message is, is this the life you would have wanted to live? It is a call to arms, a mass message to step it up. That means me and that means you. No one else, just me and you. You are it, you are the they that is going to do it. Like Gandhi said, be the change you wish to see in the world. You. Me.

How? You intuitively know how, just most of us miss the cues and turns and get lost along the way. Years ago in the midst of a life transformation (it seemed like deep depression at the time) I remember being lost and confused and would spend endless hours hiking the Headland area above the North Bay of San Francisco trying to make it all go away. I didn’t know how to escape the despair I was in. Finally, at my wit’s end, one day I was standing atop a mountain ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean and I shouted up to a god I did not believe in, LOOK, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME???

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July 29th is the first in a series of three Summer Music Concerts here at Spirit Vision Retreat Center benefiting a local non-profit organization. July 29th is local musician and folk singer, Holly McGarry and her band and the proceeds benefit Inspiring Grace, a local teen empowerment group guiding young people in body, mind and spirit well being. If you are local, connect with me, Dr Ed or Lindy Lewis for tickets.

Looking for an interesting and artful outing? July 2nd and 16th are Trunk Days at Entrée Gallery in Priest Lake for Julie. Come and visit while Julie displays her art in a beautiful mountain setting and is demonstrating watercolor as well. 10am-6pm both days. Everyone invited!

More art in August! The second and third weekends of August are Artist Studio Tour days and open studios! Julie’s studio will be on the tour, if you are anywhere in the Northwest, the tour is worth the trip. Loads of amazing and masterful artists and artisans all throughout the Panhandle.

September 23 marks the first intensive for the 2012 Spiritual Vision Quest. Is your spirit calling you to task? Are you ready for mastery? This 18 month program is a conscious way to commit to the wisdom of the spirit with an intimate group of co-travelers as support. Answer the call, be the change you wish to see in this world.

Julian and John at Summer Camp

Ann and Liz during Spiritual Vision Quest

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And for the first time, I got an answer. I actually heard a voice in my mind, not my own, answering me and I knew it was not mine because what it was telling me was not what I thought I could do. The message that got dropped in my lap I knew somehow was part of my destiny. Do you risk embarrassment, humiliation, disappointment, fear, retaliation to the act upon it? That is where most of us stand. We get nudges and promptings, we get signals and cues, we hear guidance and see arrows, but what do we do? And do we even recognize these are destiny makers?

My job is to hold my clients accountable. You have essentially hired me so you can say, “hey, if I stray, will you be one of those arrows to point me back to my wise spirit course?” And so today, the arrow says, right now, listen to the voice in your heart. Not your brain and not your loins, but the sweet, kind, patient voice that waits, but is persistent, reminding you step by step what you came here for. It most likely will not give you the whole picture. If it did, you might die of a heart attack thinking how cool it would be and afraid you couldn’t do it. That is where your messages will take you.

What have you done any time lately to act upon them? Do you acknowledge the promptings, do you avoid them? Do you rationalize them away? Do you pretend that no one speaks to you? Do you hear them and then feel guilt that you just cannot do them? What if you make a pact with yourself right now that said, I will follow my destiny prompts, every single little or big one? Our world depends upon it. You are the change we need in this world. You.

Retreats~ Giving Value to your Inner Life

If you think retreats are to help you relax and recuperate, like a vacation, you miss the depth they have to offer and you also will rarely offer this to yourself. Spiritual Retreats are ways to set aside your physical, obligatory routine to attend to matters that have gone unattended far too long. Emotional wounds, mental garbage, inability to forgive, misunderstandings and heart suffering~ they can all sit in the background like quiet children trying to be good, not bothering mom, but eventually, they must make themselves heard. It may be through health issues or disease, crisis or separation, but attending to those inner needs is what creates health and well being. It is not optional, especially if you are on your destiny’s path! You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution, nothing in between. What is the energy you have brought to your world today?

The Women’s Retreat (offered August 23-27 and again October 4-8) is a powerful gathering of women ready to step more wholly into their own unique journey, ready and committed to removing anything that stands in the way. It is an integration of who you have become and those promptings to the fulfillment of your spiritual contracts, offering you the tools, community and perspectives to continue courageously. (pics)

The Youth Camps are one of the most valuable experiences you can offer a child. At a young age, they are exposed to ideas that empower them their entire lives to be writer, director, producer and main actor of their own lives. Filled with wisdom, joy, complete acceptance and learning, we incorporate nature into the experience and expand the mind. Let your guidance speak to you about this and someone young you love. (Girls Camp aged 10-17 is July 10-13 and Boys is July 31-Aug 3) Offered only ONCE a year, and both are filling up.

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture, will never be understood - let alone believed - by the masses. ~ Plato

Fulfillment doesn't come by having dreams, but by following them.

Learning to understand the soul in its own language is the first step in deciphering the soul’s desires.
Bill Plotkin Soulcraft

Making time for listening

This is one thing that I learned years ago, you want to hear your guidance, make an appointment with them and then keep it! Nothing like living a really really busy life and expecting guidance to just jump right in there with important life changing material on the way to the soccer game, hamburger in your mouth and cell phone on your ear. YOU establish what is valuable to you. If hearing guidance is valuable, you offer a part of your life to it. As Henry David Thoreau says, “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

Set aside 5 minutes in the morning, or a quiet time in the hot tub, or take a little walk at lunch by yourself with the intention of listening. And expect nothing. Just listen, and what you may get may be images, not Moses’ God setting the bush on fire, or maybe you will! Soul information often comes in symbols, the language of the soul. So watch for senses, images, metaphors, words, feelings and knowings. All of these are messages. And if you ask a question in the morning and get no response, be aware that whole day, your message will arrive when you least expect it. You need to be neutral in order to hear something that is not at all what you expected. Truly, ask and you will receive. Set an intention today to listen and heed all spirit messages. Then watch out!

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