Julie Hutslar's August 2011 Living in Spirit Newsletter
Living in Spirit Newsletter
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A Course in Miracles Quotes

"It is not you who are so vulnerable and open to attack that just a word, a little whisper that you do not like, a circumstance that suits you not, or an event that you did not anticipate upsets your world and hurls it into chaos. Truth is not frail."

"The secret of salvation is but this: that you are doing this unto yourself."

Understanding Where Beliefs are Stored

You are energy; living, creating, breathing, organic beings. What makes you different from things that are not living and unique as an entity? You are receiving life force energy at some level or another right now. What you do with that energy is the unique part. Beliefs you hold about yourself and the world help determine where the energy goes, what is stored where and how it is used.

Your energy self is much like your physical self. Your physical brain has lobes where information about the body is stored, such as motor coordination, language skills, memory and so on. The energy self has exactly the same system, only this information is stored in chakras. Chakra is simply an Indian word meaning wheel because they naturally open and close like a spinning wheel. Each of the 7 chakras store information about you based on your previous experiences, your responses and learning. Since you are not your body (you are the driver within), when you leave this body behind, you cannot store important information in the vehicle that gets taken to the auto salvage yard. You imprint it, or store it within the energy you and take it with you. This is how people like me, Core Belief Restructuring practitioners, and many other healers access your issues. You have stored them. And whether people are aware of it or not, most read energy all day. That’s why we get lit up so often in just the area that is most sensitive.

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Resources & Events

An excellent source of information about the chakras and what they hold is Carolyn Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit.

October Women’s Retreat, Already Perfect is waiting for the perfect group of women to align and find their inner beauty, their divine gifts and true perfection! October 12-16th marks the dates, contact Julie if you are ready for your personal discovery!


Yurts at the Spirit Vision Retreat Center

Last chance to join the 2011 Spiritual Vision Quest master program designed to arm you with practical tools and higher perspectives, conceived to change your life forever. Don’t go back to living life on a Ferris Wheel, up, down, around and around. Hold firm to the truth of who you truly are. August 28th is the start date for this amazing 18-month program. Contact Julie for more info. and visit

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Understanding Where Beliefs are Stored
...continued from above.

Have you heard the expression feelings buried alive never die? It refers to those issues imprinted in your energy system that may not be currently active, but you take them with you until you resolve them, embrace them or find forgiveness. So keep in mind, just because you ignore someone, run away from a family member or write someone off, if you have stored unresolved energy or negative, limiting beliefs about them or you, you carry them with you. The beauty of this system is that you have control over what you tote around, you have the ability to release, resolve or shift old and outdated beliefs or images that keep you using valuable energy to contain it. Your only question is, are you ready to release what no longer serves you?

Liz Adkinson, a graduate of the first Spiritual Vision Quest program, has relocated from Salt Lake City to Sandpoint and works out of Pinnacle Health Center with my husband and me at 801 Pine St. She has opened her own Core Belief Restructuring practice along with Erica Nizzoli, also from the first program. They both add their own flavor and natural propensities to their energy healing work and both have done some phenomenal work already. Welcome Erica and Liz to Pinnacle Health and congratulations for following your heart and listening to your spirit!! Visit for a comprehensive list of practitioners.

"The beginner scorns criticism. The wise soul carefully weighs it. And the Master says, “But of course!” This isn’t about agreeing with it necessarily, but understanding how you summoned it and why it may have stung."


Chakra Clarity

The 1st chakra, located energetically at the base of the spine (and they all move up toward the crown of the head) holds information about your physical support, money, foundation. The 2nd, issues of male/femaleness, biological creativity and sex. The 3rd holds information about personal power, the ego, being in control (this is the stomach and often why we get knots~ we perceive conflict coming). The 4th is commonly referred to as the Heart Chakra and holds our beliefs about how we love and are loved, our own personal value. The 5th is the throat chakra and represents personal expression, the 6th is the third eye, and is about intuition, guidance and psychic ability. The Crown Chakra is on the top of the head and is about our connection to the Divine, to God, Nature, authority. Getting to know your energy centers means listening to the body and finding its energetic meaning, and then addressing them.
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