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I was so excited to share this topic with you that I had to write late on a Friday night. Perhaps this is no big deal to you but it really struck me today.

So the purpose of this email is to tell you what so impacted me and how it's going to invigorate how I communicate with you and the rest of the community. 

I had just finished a LONG article:

Retire Early & Do What You Really Want to Do! 8 Ways You can Access Your Money & Retire Before 60

And it got my mind turning. See just this past week, I had yet another conversation with a successful manager/leader in the corporate world (in this case it was higher ed) who told me he wanted to shift from his enjoyable but increasingly unfulfilling job to something more meaningful. In his words more charitable.

Pivot to More Meaning

After hearing this line of thinking this frequently, it finally made its way through my thick head that I really enjoy helping people who think like this - people who want to enjoy a more meaningful life.

Now I would argue that most of the clients I serve have this goal in some capacity. However I am encountering more frequently people in their late 40s to 50s who want to pivot in their life to a more meaningful lifestyle at a younger age - they're not waiting anymore. 

I think the baby boomers have paved the way for this. They are the first generation to seek more meaning in their lives on a generation wide scale. But they've also had the burden of supporting kids and parents in increasing durations. And they might not have been able to get to this point until later due to all of their noble obligations.

But younger boomers and older gen X are seeing this older boomer attitude as inspiration and taking action sooner.

I Get It - I Tried to Pivot - in my way -  Right Out of College

Ever since I started my line of work, even before, I had an aim to build a career that allowed me to be there when others needed me. I was thinking of a future family when I was 21. I wanted a career with freedom and flexibility. And above all no tyrant boss! I also wanted to be more charitable with time and money - especially since I had and have so many selfish tendencies!

So while I was single in my 20s to mid 30s, I volunteered at different places working with many kinds of people. Unloading donated produce to from the food show to the Jeanne Jugan home in Somerville, raising funds for Thanksgiving dinners for families in Boston, teaching tennis to kids at the Malden YMCA and so many other things.

I figured I was single and had the time. Being married with kids is an intense vocation in my opinion. So since I didn't have kids at the time, I thought I should do more. So that's what I did. After having kids though I have scaled back. But now that my kids are no longer infants, I am again reaching out to see what I can do while still staying close to my family. 

Don't Want to Miss a Thing

As some of you know, I don't go to my office on Fridays - I've been spending Fridays with my kids since my wife went back to work. I don't want to miss this time. 

So I get the motivation. Perhaps you took a different path. Perhaps you, like my visitor last week, worked hard for an organization for 20-25 years. And you've built success and savings. But now you want to  change - to Rethink Retirement

And if you're thinking this way, you're a person I really want to talk with more. It's why I do the Values Conversation and the Financial Roadmap. It's why I ask and make sure the people I serve have balance in their lives.

So you will see me talking more about how I can help you live a more meaningful life. Whether you have made that pivot yet or not, or are in mid-pivot, I want to be one of the people in your cheering section. Not one of the people trying to knock you down. 

With that said, stay tuned for more content from me on:
  • Making the pivot
  • How to financially plan the pivot
  • Motivation for the journey toward more meaningful living
  • Articles, seminars and reports to cheer you on
Thanks for reading. Don't forget to read the article on how to retire early linked above. I will link it again HERE if you're feeling to lazy to scroll up. 

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