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Chris Grande - Will You Live Long Enough to Enjoy Your Money? Plus Brexit & Markets One Week Later; And commentary on gold.

Happy Independence Day everyone! Do something with your kids and grandkids to help them appreciate our country. Example: Forget the fireworks and teach them about the debate between the Federalists and the anti-Federalists over our Constitution!

Hi everyone,

Happy Summer! Lots of stuff that we could cover. Some key points to note include:
  1. Brexit & Markets One Week Later - Did it Matter? 
  2. Will You Live Long Enough to Enjoy Your Money?
  3. Gold Update
  4. Recent Articles
  5. Recent Videos!

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Brexit One Week Later

In my video below, i cover the major financial trends that were going on BEFORE Brexit and discuss how they are still going. In a nutshell, chase for yield in US bonds and dividend stocks, and currency stability in gold. See the video below.

Will You Live Long Enough to Enjoy Your Money?

With diet fads and record numbers of Americans dying too young and getting heart disease, cholesterol, heart attacks and cancer, could it be as simple as Dr McDougall says when he says "It's the Food"?

Client book of the quarter - Blue Zones. I mentioned it some months ago but I am pushing it now. In my video below I get rid of nice guy Chris and really go after you to follow what the healthiest people in the world are doing - not that dumba*** fad diet. Watch the video if you dare and see me in rare form.

Blue Zones at Amazon:

Gold Update

I have not discussed gold in a little while. Here is my latest VIDEO with commentary, charts, and the discussion of the increasing perception by more and more people that central banks have no idea what they're doing -so we better own a currency that can not be printed and manipulated (i.e. gold). See the video for further details.

Recent Articles

Eradicate Diabetes the 80/20 Way

The Evernote Bag, an 80/20 Tool - Product Review

Seniors Looking to Protect Assets Saved by the Massachusetts Appeals Court

Will Your Insurance Company be Able to Pay if You Need Them to?

DOL Introduces New Fiduciary Standard


Recent Videos

here are the videos to match the outlines above: Brexit, Will you live long enough..., and Gold. And others.

Brexit & Market One Week Later - Did it Matter?
The trends that were in place BEFORE Brexit, continue after the vote: the reach for yield, and curency stability with irresponsible central banks.  Watch for more on these trends and what continues from here.
Will You Live Long Enough to Enjoy Your Money?
As Americans we are KILLING ourselves with what we eat. I like you and want you to stick around for a long time. Lets eat better together.
Gold Update
The Smart Money is already in gold. Why is gold the alternative to other currencies? How risky are the actions of today's central bankers?
Attorney Mike Burgess discusses condo-izing your multi family
MA Appeals Court Decision a BIG Relief to Seniors Doing Nursing Home Planning
Fund the Trust!
The biggest mistake I see with trusts is not in the wording or choice of trustee...
Thanks for reading and watching. Have a great week and send me any questions. Email me or use my site's contact form HERE.

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Chris Grande

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