Update on our Yoga Holiday in Huzur Vadisi
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                               A magical week of yoga & sunshine
                        Huzur Vadisi, Mediterranean Coast, Turkey
                          with Nigel Gilderson & Belle Greenwood
                              4-11 July 2016 (from £695)
                   For more details go to
                 To book email:
                           Telephone: +44(0)20 7733 2996
And if you had reservations about travelling to Turkey, rest assured and read on.......
About 38 million tourists come to Turkey annually to enjoy its history, culture, cuisine, people, activities and natural beauty.
Outrages such as the bomb attack on January 12, 2016 on the Byzantine Hipodrome (At Meydanı) in Istanbul's Sultanahmet district have rightly horrified the world. Its purpose was less to hurt many people than to cause harm to Turkey's important tourism industry, to damage Turkey economically by scaring visitors away. 
This is how terrorists seek to do greater damage than their limited resources would normally permit: by harming a tiny proportion, they seek to frighten millions and to inflict huge economic damage on their adversaries.
It inevitable that many travelers will be frightened and will postpone plans to visit Turkey, even though the danger from terrorism is statistically very, very tiny. Other dangers are far more to be feared than being harmed in a terrorist attack, and we don't worry (much) about those other dangers: earthquake, highway and sports accidents, drowning while swimming, or even drowning in your own bathtub—on average, one person drowns in his/her own bathtub nearly every day in the USA.
38 million (the number of travelers who visited Turkey in 2015) is more than the entire populations of most European countries, or Canada, or Australia. So imagine all the people in Canada going to Turkey at once. Should all of them be afraid of harm? If any of them were harmed, what are the most likely dangers? Are they safer at home, or not?
As for me, I've already bought my plane ticket for my next visit (in March 2016), and I'm looking forward to it. I expect shorter lines to enter Turkey's top sights, smaller crowds, lower prices, and an even warmer welcome from the famously hospitable Turkish people.
I'm not going to Turkey to defy the terrorists, or to support my Turkish friends (although I do), or because I am particularly courageous. I'm going to enjoy myself, to enjoy again is spectacular architectureprofound historyand culture, and wonderful cuisine, and I don't believe I will be in any great danger  
But don't get me wrong. I don't blame some travelers for acting on emotion and changing their plans to visit Turkey now. The murder of innocent travelers is horrific and terrifying. Some travelers may believe there are safer places to go on a trip.
But where is "safer?" In recent years, Boston, New York, Washington, London, Paris and many other top travel destinations have suffered attacks by terrorists foreign or domestic. Every day in the USA, 297 people are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, unintentional shootings and police intervention. Every day, 48 children and teenagers are shot. Seven, on average, die. Every day. More...
I live in the USA. Am I afraid? No. Do I take sensible precautions? Yes. Are they certain to protect me? No. There is no completely safe place on earth, not even your own bathtub.
Turkey is probably no more dangerous, and may be safer, than where you live.
If every day's media blared headlines of all violent deaths, we'd all be too scared to leave our homes. (Just don't take too long a bath...)
I was in Istanbul in October and November 2015. The weather was somewhat rainy at first, but otherwise all was well and I had a great time as usual.
                So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!
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