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New Apple video: Apps in Special Ed.

For special education teachers around the world, the iPad opens up a new world of possibilities. Watch Apple's new video to meet teachers at three schools in Japan, Czech Republic and the USA, and learn how they use apps with their special needs students.
Watch Apple's new video about apps in Special Education

community news

Better Hearing and Speech Month

Every May is ASHA's Better Hearing and Speech Month. This year's Identify the Signs campaign shares the signs that may indicate a communication disorder, facts about the importance of early detection and helpful resources. Read it to learn more!

user story

Finding a way for Caleigh to talk

The parents of 3-year-old Caleigh were told that yes and no were too complex for their daughter to understand. However, they knew that Caleigh could blow her tiny nose on request and utter  “uh uh” for no. Read how Caleigh's mother Holly identified the signs and found a way for her daughter to talk.
Caleigh and her iPad with Proloquo2Go

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Proloquo2Go Adelaide Tour

We are going Down Under to visit Australia! Are you a teacher, therapist or parent of a Proloquo2Go user located near Adelaide? Attend one of the presentations to learn more in-depth about Proloquo2Go, and even get a sneak-peak of version 4.
Proloquo2Go Adelaide Tour
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