Current: Tsutomu Yamagata "SURVEILLANCE"
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Tsutomu Yamagata "SURVEILLANCE"

会期 Dates: 2019.2.28 ── 3.2 

禅フォトギャラリーは、2月8日(金)から3月2日(土)まで、山縣勉写真展「観察 SURVEILLANCE」を開催いたします。2012年の「国士無双」、2016年の「涅槃の谷」に続く3回目の個展となる本展では、女性たちのプライベート空間を赤外線監視カメラで捉えた野心的な作品を発表します。モノクロ、カラーを含む23点を展示いたします。


私はインターネットの掲示板や知人の紹介を通じて撮影に協力してくれる女性を探しはじめた。職業は OLや教師、美大生などさまざまで、会ってみると彼女たちは仕事や家族のことをよく話した。

趣旨を説明し、動体を検知すると自動的に撮影する赤外線監視カメラを女性たちに預けた。操作が不要で、音や光を発することなく撮影し、画像を確認する機能はない。彼女たちは自分の部屋でカメラを前に動き回った。撮影者はいない。カメラを回収するとき、彼女たちは私以上に撮られた写真に興味津々だった。まるで他人を覗き見るかのように。 - 山縣勉

Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to present Tsutomu Yamagata’s exhibition “SURVEILLANCE” from February 8 to March 2, his third solo exhibition at the gallery after “Thirteen Orphans” in 2012 and “Ten Disciples” in 2016. Yamagata continued to focus on the marginalized population in his new work “SURVEILLANCE”; This time, he focused on young women who are often subject to objectification. Completely setting aside the normal relationship between the photographer and the subject, the young women were automatically taken in their rooms. The exhibition will show a selection of 23 pieces of black and white and colour works.

Since I have gotten older, I have become curious about the lives of women in their 20s. For some
reasons I find many of them quite cold and daring. In this work, I have looked into their lives in order to find out what is behind their charm and mystery. 

I began searching for collaborators for the project through online bulletin boards and acquaintances. We met up to discuss
the project. Coming from different backgrounds, office workers, teachers, art students, and so on, they would tell me a lot of things about their work and family.

After explaining the concept of this project, I passed to them an infrared trail camera that was originally designed to monitor animals. The camera does not need any form of operation - it automatically captures without emitting any sound or light when it detects movements. Pictures taken cannot be reviewed with the camera. The participants moved around freely in their rooms in the presence of the camera. No photographer was present. When they returned the camera to me, they seemed to be more curious about the results than I was, as if they were peeking into the lives of other people.  - Tsutomu Yamagata

『観察 SURVEILLANCE』(通常版 Regular Edition / スペシャルエディション Special Edition)
256 × 181 x 31 mm|64 sheets, with a supplement. Slipcase.|English & Japanese|JPY 6,480(TAX incl.)|BUY: 写々者 ShashashaSpecial Edition
『国士無双 Thirteen Orphans』new edition!
Case Publishing, Zen Foto Gallery (2017)|200 x 190 mm|56 pages, 43 images|English & Japanese|JPY 3,024(TAX incl.)|通常版 Regular Edition| スペシャルエディション Special Edition
『涅槃の谷 Ten Disciples』
Zen Foto Gallery (2016)|256 x 195 mm|108 pages|English & Japanese|JPY 5,400(TAX incl.)|BUY:  写々者 Shashasha



Mark Pearson

I had known Tsutomu Yamagata for almost a decade when he brought his new work to show me around a year or so ago. He had been an early enthusiastic visitor to Zen Foto. His was on an unconventional path to becoming a photographic artist, having started as a salaryman in a huge Tokyo corporation. Yet he had been passionate about photography throughout his whole adult life. He would tell me of his trips as a student and young man to visit New York photography galleries and see the work of the American masters, Arbus being aparticularfavourite. He had made a courageous lifestyle choice while bringing up a young family to leave a safe career in order to concentrate on his photographic practise [...] more

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