Zen Foto Gallery`s new exhibition is Issei Suda`s "Waga Tokyo 100". We show modern prints from this classic series by Suda from the 1970s. While Suda was travelling outside of Tokyo to create work that would be published subsequently as "Fushi Kaden", he was also photographing the streets of his home city of Tokyo. These two series were published separately, but each can be seen as the counterpart of the other, the photography of Suda in his prime. 

"Waga Tokyo 100" was first published by Nikkor club in 1979, and was republished late in 2013 by Zen Foto Gallery.

Modern prints are available for sale, for any image from the book, at a compelling price. An essential opportunity for anyone who wishes to own a work by this master photographer of Japan.

Until Saturday 1st February 2014.


Zen Foto Gallery


Until 1st February 2014

Zen Foto Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

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