Current Exhibition:  Takehiko Nakafuji "White Noise"
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中藤毅彦「White Noise」
Takehiko Nakafuji "White Noise"

会期 Dates: 2018.9.14 ── 10.13 
オープニングパーティ Opening Party: 9.21 [金] 18:00-20:00

禅フォトギャラリーは、9月14日(金)から10月13日(土)まで、中藤毅彦 写真展「White Noise」を開催いたします。禅フォトギャラリーでは2011年の「Night Crawler」、2013年の「HOKKAIDO: Sakuan, Matapaan」に続き3度目となる中藤毅彦の今回の個展では、中藤が「破壊と再生を繰り返すアメーバの様に変容する怪物」と称する東京の街が「Night Crawler」以来再びテーマとなります。東日本大震災が起きた2011年3月11日以降7年間のその変遷を独自の視点で切り取った写真作品をモノクロ、カラー合わせて展示いたします。展覧会開催に合わせて、新刊写真集『White Noise』も刊行いたします。






Zen Foto Gallery is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with Takehiko Nakafuji from September 14 to October 13. Followed by the exhibition “Night Crawler” in 2011 and “HOKKAIDO: Sakuan, Matapaan” in 2013, this exhibition focuses on Tokyo, the multifaceted metropolis “like an ever-transforming monster, an ameba that continued to deform and regenerate”, according to Nakafuji. The exhibition will show works in monochrome and colour by Nakafuji, all taken within the 7 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake happened in March 11, 2011. A photobook under the same title “White Noise” will also be published accompanying the exhibition.

When I saw the video footage showing how the nuclear plant in Fukushima exploded, I felt that something had come to an end. It reminded me of the sandstorm-like white noise in analogue televisions when there are no broadcasts. Tokyo was dark and somber because it was powering down to conserve electricity. People had gloomy faces and wore anti-radiation masks, as they wandered around as if afraid of something.

That was only the beginning of the end though. In this confused era with unseeable future, the monster of Tokyo did not stop its onward march. Life goes on and the conflict between the lively old streets and inhuman redevelopments continues, and Tokyo continues as a demon city of swirling energy, spinning out of control. What is more, under the fictitious banner of the “Tokyo 2020 Olympics” the city has further begun to wriggle. Nothing about this energy seems positive to me - everything is nihilistic chaos.

All the photographs in this book were taken after March 11, 2011. It is my greatest wish to present to readers this ongoing chaos in Tokyo, just as it is.

― Takehiko Nakafuji


White Noise
中藤毅彦 Takehiko Nakafuji
9.20 Release!!

刊行日 2018年9月20日|H230 x W180 x D20 mm|244頁|カラー作品29点、モノクロ作品130点|ソフトカバー、PUR、全頁観音折|英語、日本語|1000部限定|6,480円(税込)|お問い合わせ、写々者会期中、会場にて特別価格 6,000円でご購入いただけます。

Publication date: September 20, 2018|Size: H230 x W180 x D20 mm  | 244 pages | Color 29 plates, B&W 130 plates|Softcover, PUR binding, all gatefold pages|English & Japanese | Limited edition of 1000 copies | JPY 6,480|Inquiry: or ShashashaSpecial price at JPY6,000 during the exhibition period in the gallery.


daikanyama photo fair に出展します
Zen Foto Gallery will participate in daikanyama photo fair 2018

会期 Dates: 2018.9.28 ── 9.30 |more info
出展作家 Participating artists: 楠哲也、広瀬耕平、原田直宏
Tetsuya Kusu, Kouhei Hirose, Naohiro Harada


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