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 Business Ice Sculptures
Soldotna, Alaska
by Ben, Aurora, Silas and Josiah Firth 
Soldotna business ice sculptures by the Firths

This January we carved seven business sculptures in Soldotna, a little over an hour's drive north of Anchor Point. Businesses interested in buying a sculpture contact the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce, which sells the sculptures, organizes the cutting of the ice by local volunteers, and hires the sculptors. This year there were at least 25 sculptures in Soldotna and its neighboring city, Kenai. With help from a friend, Josh Nyitrai, who also carved with us last year, we did seven sculptures in seven days! We worked a lot of late nights. It's good to be home!

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As a special bonus, you can view Silas's 2012 Crystal Gallery of Ice video, which he has posted to YouTube. 

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