Summer is not over yet! Join us this month for our two
All Ages In Person RE Gatherings

Saturday 8/14 1:30 - 3:30
All Ages Popsicle and Projects

All are welcome to join us on the church lawn (or in the sanctuary if the weather is bad) to connected with friends, have a tasty treat and create UU beaded keychains. We will have a few table set out but also please feel free to bring blankets to sit on.

76 Chruch Green Taunton MA - Street Parking Available

Sunday 8/29 10am
Picnic and Lawn Party

All are invited and encouraged to join us for our end of summer Picnic and Lawn Party. We encourage folks to bring a picnic lunch for themselves/family, chat and connect with friends, visit the farmers market, play some lawn games, bounce in the bounce house and just have fun!!

76 Chruch Green Taunton MA - Street Parking Available

Faith at Home

This summer we are focusing our spiritual need for radical play and connection. Here are a few ways you can continue to explore this theme at home this week.

* Family Movie Night - The Descendants (PG)
Snuggle up as a family and watch how a group for "villain kids" (who's parents happen to be some of Disney's most wonderful villains) learn to connect with their "good side", a new group of friends and a whole new outlook on life.

* August Family Activity 
There is something sweet and simple about family game night. This month make a list of everyones favorite games and as a family try and find time each week to have a game night. Game night is a great way to connect with each other and let the stress of the day/week melt away.

*Family Bedtime (or Anytime) Stories
Click on any of the books in the FPC Anti-Racist, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Library to be taken to a read aloud video. Slides 6 contain books related to the spring and summer theme of play and connection.

*Family Conversations Starters
What connections have you made or strengthened this summer?

*UU Parenting
There can be so much stimulation in our days, lives and really in the world, that sometimes we need to take a break. But slowing down and calming down and reconnecting with ourselves and our intentions is not always easy. Weather it's time for a nap/bed or we just need to reset during the day music can often be a huge help. This week if try adding some calming music anytime your kids, youth, teens or even you need to take a break, calm down and reconnect. Here is a great selection to try out: Relaxing Music for Stress Relief, Study Music, Sleep Music, and Meditation

*Family Chalice Lighting
Spiritual practice is just as important for children and youth as it is for adults!! Lighting a chalice at home is a wonderful way to live into our faith and help your children feel grounded in spiritual practice. This week try lighting a family chalice at dinner or bedtime, or whatever time makes sense for your family.

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