This summer is our time to reconnect and renew our bonds with each other and with our faith in a hands on way!

*7/31 All Ages Movie Night
Kids, Youth and Adults are encouraged to come together on the FP Taunton lawn for a night of fun, community, connection and a movie under the stars. Please feel free to bring chairs, blackets, and snacks. Movie TBD
76 Church Green, Taunton - Street Parking Available

Registration is open for our UU Lego Sources Camp - August 2-6 (suggested ages: 5-10) and UU Social Justice Camp - August 16-20 (suggested ages: 10-14)

The UU Lego Sources Summer Program is a week-long camp that will take place Monday - Friday from 9-12pm August 2-6. This program introduces and focuses on the Six Sources that we as Unitarian Universalists gain wisdom and understanding from. These sources create for us a living and diverse tradition which evolves and changes as our understandings evolve and change. And what better changing, flexible, and creative medium to engage it than LEGO® bricks! Kids will spend their time each day learning about one of the sources and creating a lego project, along with other projects to accompany that source. There will also be time for a snack and free play as we tie in our summer theme of Radical Play and Connection.
Register Here:

The UU Social Justice Summer Program is a week long camp that runs Monday -Friday 9am-12pm August 16th-20th. This program will focus Economic, Environmental, Social and Racial justice issues that motivate many UU to act in faith and live out our shard principals. Kids will spend the first half of each day exploring a specific social justice issue, how it impacts them, the people they know, and the wider community at large. Each social justice issue will also have a hands-on project and/or object lesson to help kids deepen their understanding. The second half of the day will offer time for a snack and time to focus on our summer theme of Radical Play & Connection.
Register Here:

UU Kids Spiritual Themed Recipe Book​​
If you’re looking for a fun way to keep kids and youth engaged in faith formation and religious education this summer at home the UU Kids Spiritual Themed Recipe Book may be just what you’re looking for!

I wrote this book to include 14 Soul Matters themes and 23 of the recipes that we worked with over this past year. Each recipe has Think About It and Talk About It sections to provided a deeper dive into each of the spiritual themes. These sections may for a great starting point for family discussions or independent/individual journaling. The recipes range in levels of difficulty, making it perfect families with kiddos of different ages.
Please email me at with any questions.

PFD copies are available for purchase for $25 each. Please send payment via PayPal to @UUdre or

Faith at Home

This summer we are focusing our spiritual need for radical play and connection. Here are a few ways you can continue to explore this theme at home this week.

* Family Movie Night - Remember the Titans (PG)
In 1971 high school football was everything to the people of Alexandria. But when the local school board was forced to integrate an all black school with an all white school, the very foundation of football's great tradition was put to the test. Snuggle up as a family and watch how these players overcome some to the beliefs they hold and create connections that no one in that time thought possible.

* July Family Activity 
How are you staying connected to the people you love? This month get together as a family and make a list of people you are important to you but may have grown distant. Make a list of way you can reach out and reconnect (bake some cookies and drop them off with a note, stop by and help with some yard work or gardening, start a snail mail exchange, invite someone over for dinner) and then  put it into action this month.

*Family Bedtime (or Anytime) Stories
Click on any of the books in the FPC Anti-Racist, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Library to be taken to a read aloud video. Slides 6 contain books related to the spring and summer theme of play and connection.

*Family Conversations Starters
Do you think it is possible to connect with someone you disagree with? Why or why not? How would you go about making a connection like this?

*UU Parenting
With connection often times comes conflict, and that couldn't be more true then with siblings. Check out this article with tips for how to get through Summertime Sibling Rivalry.

*Family Chalice Lighting
Spiritual practice is just as important for children and youth as it is for adults!! Lighting a chalice at home is a wonderful way to live into our faith and help your children feel grounded in spiritual practice. This week try lighting a family chalice at dinner or bedtime, or whatever time makes sense for your family.

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