Vigil for Racial Justice: Say Their Names
May 25 7pm - 8pm

As Unitarian Universalist we strive to actively live out our faith and our values! This year the morning adult programming during Building Bridges will focus on Racial Justice as Spiritual Practice. But that doesn’t not and should not mean we wait until July to do this much needed work.

All are welcome (kids, youth and adults) to join us May 25 on the lawn of First Parish Church in Taunton, at 7pm for our Vigil for Racial Justice: Say Their Names.

76 Church Green, Taunton
Street Parking is Available

Adult RE Class - Parents as Primary Sexuality Educators
Thursday Evenings May 27th - June 24th 7-8:30pm via Zoom

(Designed for parents with kids elementary - high school age)

Parents and Caregivers of children of all ages are invited to join folks from FP Taunton, for this five session group designed to explore their role as the primary sexuality educators of their children.

The information and attitudes that we as adults share with our children—intentionally or by default—carry extraordinary power. It is a power that many adults struggle to wield effectively and confidently. Often, our own experiences, perspectives, and worries get in the way.

These sessions invite parents and caregivers to find support and courage with one another, before and/or during these conversations with their children.These 90-minute sessions will help engage adults in topics including Gender Identity, Relationships, Social Media, Consent and more.

This Adult RE small group needs a minimum of 6 participants to run.
Register Here:

Here’s a look at what’s coming up in RE
*** Reminder this is our last week of online RE ***

Wednesday 5/26
Building a Village Family Story Time & Sing-a-long 9:30am

Interactive songs, games and stories geared towards our toddler and preschool age kids, however all ages are welcome!! As always please feel free to invite friends.
Join Zoom Here:

Wednesday 5/26
Sunday School 4pm
(Jr. Youth are welcome and encouraged to join if they would like)
This week Sunday School kids continue to explore with our spiritual theme of STORY, by exploring how stories remind us who we are:
As Living Beings & Part of the Interconnected Web of All Things
Materials Needed: toaster, ice cube or muffin tray, paint brush, milk, food coloring, and white bread

Join Zoom Here:

Thursday 5/27 7-8pm
Adult RE - Parents as Primary Sexuality Educators

Welcome to a program for Unitarian Universalist parents and caregivers who seek support and skills to be effective sexuality educators of their children. This 90-minute session creates a welcoming space that invites parents and caregivers to engage with one another. Participants begin to share hopes for and concerns about the sexual health of their children and youth.
Join Zoom Here:

Faith at Home

The spiritual theme we are working with this month is STORY.
This week we explore that theme by asking ourselves the question:
How Do Stories Remind Us Of Who We Are As: As Living Beings & Part of the Interconnected Web of All Things

Here are a few ways to activity explore and live into the theme of STORY at home as a family!

*Family Movie Night – Over the Hedge
Snuggle up as a family and watch what happens when a group of forest animals wake up from hibernation, and realize that half of their forest has been destroyed and replaced by a suburban neighborhood hidden behind a giant hedge.

*Family Activity - Get in Touch With Life

As UU's we honor and hold up our connection to all living things! Now is the perfect time to get your hands in the dirt and get in touch with life (or what will be life) by planting a garden. Do what works for your family, big or small, flower or veggies, many plants or just one, at the end of the day just have fun and maybe get a bit dirty!

*Family Bedtime (or Anytime) Stories
Click on any book in the FPC Anti-Racist, Diversity, and Inclusivity Virtual Library to be taken to a read aloud video. Slide 5 contains books that relate to this months theme of STORY.

*Conversation Starter – Are we doing our part?

Carve out some time to talk as a family about your connection to our 7th Principle: The Interconnected Web of All Things. Ask yourselves are you doing your part as a family and as individuals. If yes is there more you can do, if the answer is not discuss what is holding you back and how to make an improvement.

*UU Parenting
As UU parents and caregivers we strive to make the 7 Principles part of our lives and the lives of our children, so what happens when they want to talk about big subjects like climate change? Fist we need to remember to meet them were they are (age and development) and then have an honest conversation about something that can be a bit scary. For more ideas and tips on how to talk with your children about climate change check out this article from NPR.

*Chalice Lighting

Spiritual practice is just as important for children and youth as it is for adults!! Lighting a chalice at home is a wonderful way to live into our faith and help your children feel grounded in spiritual practice. This week try lighting a family chalice at dinner or bedtime, or whatever time makes sense for your family.

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