Summer is not over yet! All are invited to join in the fun for our end of summer
All Ages In Person Gathering

Sunday 8/29 10am
Picnic and Lawn Party

All are invited and encouraged to join us for our end of summer Picnic and Lawn Party. We encourage folks to bring a picnic lunch for themselves/family, chat and connect with friends, visit the farmers market, play some lawn games, bounce in the bounce house and just have fun!!

76 Chruch Green Taunton MA - Street Parking Available

Faith at Home

This summer we are focusing our spiritual need for radical play and connection. Here are a few ways you can continue to explore this theme at home this week.

* Family Movie Night - The Descendants 2 (PG)
Snuggle up as a family and continue the Descendants Saga with the second movie.

* August Family Activity 
There is something sweet and simple about family game night. This month make a list of everyones favorite games and as a family try and find time each week to have a game night. Game night is a great way to connect with each other and let the stress of the day/week melt away.

*Family Bedtime (or Anytime) Stories
Click on any of the books in the FPC Anti-Racist, Diversity and Inclusion Virtual Library to be taken to a read aloud video. Slides 6 contain books related to the spring and summer theme of play and connection.

*Family Conversations Starters
School is right around the corner, do you think play has a place in school? Why or why not and if yes, what does or should it look like, especially for older youth and teens?

*UU Parenting
Parenting/Caregiving is hard and the past 18 months have tested us and pushed us in ways we may never have imagined. For many of us, one of the things we have needed most is to know that we are not alone. So this week I offer up this prayer written by the Rev. Sara Goodman, a UU minister in Minnesota.

Prayer for Parenting in a Pandemic By Sara Goodman
This is a prayer for parenting in a pandemic
A prayer for the dirty laundry and piled up dishes,
A prayer for dance parties and cuddle puddles,
for long walks and improvised "science experiments,”
for screen time as education and distraction,
This is a prayer for working parents zooming another meeting with a little face joining in
for new parents, waiting for new life without support
for the single parents, doing all this alone.
A parent cradles the head of a toddler wearing pink footie pajamas.
For parents who are on the front lines,
and essential workers,
who worry every day about being away from home,
about bringing something home,
about holding it all together as you hold the world together.
This is a prayer for the more than 2,000 meals you’ve made
For the hundred-millionth time you’ve heard “Can I have a snack?”
for the 5 minutes of alone time you can squeak out every day
For the 2, 4, 6, 60 grey hairs you’ve acquired, so far
This is a prayer for the meltdowns, the missed naps, the many, many tears,
the distance-learning homework no one wants do to but still, somehow, feel the need to fight about.
This is a prayer for wondering if they will ever fall asleep,
for wondering if they will ever get up,
a prayer for pretending that you’re enjoying yourself while you all play their favorite game.
This is a prayer for all the missed milestones:
for holding your child as they cry over missing their friends,
missing their prom,
missing their graduation.
For your own tears because you can’t fix this problem.
This is for all the milestones still marked:
The public birthday party parades,
And zoom proms hosted by celebrities,
The family celebrations of learning to walk,
the first lost tooth,
the private, personal celebrations of the many ways you’ve watched your children grow and mature – right close up.
This prayer is for all the newly-formed family bands
and midday, pajama-clad dance parties,
for all the backyard bathing,
for the new trampolines, new bikes, new play structures.
A prayer for inside obstacle courses,
and learning to make new crafts,
for all the pets that have joined new families.
This is a prayer for bonding and breaking,
for togetherness and too much togetherness.
This is a prayer for love,
For anger,
for grief,
for time out of time.
This is a prayer for parenting in a pandemic. Amen.

*Family Chalice Lighting
Spiritual practice is just as important for children and youth as it is for adults!! Lighting a chalice at home is a wonderful way to live into our faith and help your children feel grounded in spiritual practice. This week try lighting a family chalice at dinner or bedtime, or whatever time makes sense for your family.

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