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Astronomers vs. Kids Available Now!

EU-UNAWE is delighted to announce the release of a brand new educational tool: Astronomers vs. Kids!, two videos designed specifically for use by educators, to help them introduce astronomy to the classroom, answer the most fundamental questions about the Universe and incite a passion for astronomy in curious young students. Read more.


UNAWE Helps Bring the Beauty of the Universe to Visually Impaired Children
A Touch of the Universe is a global UNAWE project that aims to bring the wonders of the cosmos to all children; including those with vision impairments. Read more.


EU-UNAWE Brings the Universe in a Box to Scifest 2013
From 13 to 19 March 2013, Grahamstown in South Africa played host to EU-UNAWE members from Germany and South Africa when they attended the country's annual National Science Festival, Scifest 2013. Read more.
Bringing news from across the Universe to children all around the world

It All Started with a Big Bang... But When?

The space telescope, Planck, has been observing the oldest light in the world, from just after the beginning of the Universe! These observations have now been collected into this map, showing the shape of the Universe when it was very young. Read more.


New Kids on the Block
The Universe is an old neighbourhood; it's about 13.8 billion years old. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is also ancient, some of its stars are more than 13 billion years old. But it's still a lively place, with new objects forming and others being destroyed. In this image, you can see a group of young newcomers to our solar neighbourhood. Read more.


The Galactic Empire
Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is the centre of a colossal empire and rules over about 20 smaller galaxies that orbit around it, similar to the way our Moon orbits the Earth. The shining stars and glowing arcs of gas in this picture lie in one of these subjects: a dwarf galaxy called the Small Magellanic Cloud. Read more.
UNAWE Resources make learning fun through play.

Spinning Day and Night

In this activity, understand the rotation of the Earth in relation to the Sun - understand day and night. Read more.

Shadow Puppets

In this activity, make and use shadow puppets to discover one's own and other cultures' different stories and legends about the sky. Read more.
UNAWE welcomes educators and parents to participate in our activities and to use the free resources. We also encourage astronomers to host observing events for young children.Please contact us for further information.
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