Last week, I told you about Sally, who negotiated a higher salary & better start date for her new job.

A few days ago, she told me that she’d been feeling some kind of way ever since she gave notice. Sally wondered if she was giving up too early on her team. She worried that it’d be hard to switch environments, from agency to startup.

Sally was nervous that she was making a mistake, leaving a stable job at a company with thousands of employees for a small shop with less than 15 people.

This is really common. You work super hard to get a new job, you sign the papers, and then you spend the next two weeks stewing on whether you made the right move. And it doesn't help if you’re surrounded by coworkers who treat you like a ghost.

Here are a few ways to prevent yourself from spinning out:

1. Wrap up your work, be nice to your colleagues, and don’t spend more time at work than you have to.

2. Take a mini vacay. Call up old roommates you haven’t seen in a while. Dust off your pottery wheel and throw a pot.

3. Do some Retail therapy / get a makeover. Every time I accept a new job, I like to get a new outfit and a fresh haircut.

4. Think about how you can maintain relationships with coworkers that you’ve bonded with. You're quitting the company, but you don't have to quit the people.

5. Be humble. While I’m sure you made a lot of great contributions, you're not indispensable. Your colleagues will fill your roll and manage without you. Your departure will not lead to their financial ruin.

6. Remind yourself that work is supposed to be challenging. That nervous feeling in your guts is excitement, not fear.

So, go ahead and feel those feels, but don’t ever doubt your decision. You’re going to be great!

Online hackathons


Mobi Grand Challenge

The MOBI Grand Challenge's goal is to create a viable, decentralized, ad-hoc network of blockchain / dlt connected vehicles and infrastructure that can coordinate, share data, and improve urban mobility.

Winning teams will demonstrate how blockchains and related technologies: distributed ledgers, cryptography, tokens, and consensus mechanisms can make getting from A to B safer, cleaner, faster, more efficient and accessible.

There are over $350,000 in prizes sponsored by the Ocean and Beyond Protocols.


The AWS AI Hackathon

Put your skills to the test by applying language and vision intelligence to a new or existing application and win $10,000 in prizes!

Use language and vision APIs including Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Polly, Amazon LexAmazon Translate, and Amazon Rekognition to gain customer insights, personalize content recommendations, identify celebrities, objects and scenes, and much more!


Amazon Aurora Database Challenge

In the first ever Aurora challenge, Amazon is challenging developers around the world to build an application that can reach internet scale using Amazon Aurora, a MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database. Prizes include $24,000 in cash and AWS credits!

Judges will be looking for scalability, performance, security, and resilience while making use of the AWS ecosystem. They'll reward good development practices, including continuous integration & continuous delivery, microservices, serverless computing, and other modern design ideas.


Amazon Sumerian AR/VR Challenge

3D experiences are here, and Amazon Sumerian is the quickest and easiest way to build one! Amazon is challenging you to create AR, VR, or 3D apps using their browser-based IDE. Sumerian’s unmatched ease-of-use, you can build highly immersive and interactive scenes for a variety of headsets, and both iOS and Android devices. Plus, with one-click publishing, there's no need to build for each platform from scratch.

There are over $100,000 in prizes, so fire up your terminal, goggle into the Metaverse, and try not to snow crash.

BTW, all participants will get access to tutorials & training materials and will receive support throughout the challenge via our Slack community, Twitch, and webinars.


Local hackathons in November–December