Going into 2019 you may not be confident you can succeed with every hackathon or get the exact job you want, but that's okay.

When you curate your Devpost portfolio for the year ahead to add to your resume or cover letter, make sure to include details about what you've worked on, why, and how. It's crucial to give people a fuller picture of your software skills and motivations.

It's OK to reach for jobs you might not be 100% qualified for, or start the startup you've always dreamed of, or submit to 10 hackathons this year. Just remember to be honest, and use the tools at your disposal to show who you really are.

Featured hackathons


Ends Jan 22! Amazon Alexa Multimodal Skills Challenge

Amazon has been rolling out new Alexa features all year. In-skill purchases & subscriptions? Check! New APIs for music skills & hosted skills? Check! A ton of new devices? You know it!

They've also been working on new tools like the Alexa Presentation Language (APL), which enables you to build visually-rich Skills for devices with screens.

Join our latest Alexa Challenge and build a new skill incorporating APL that delivers a multi-modal (voice & visuals) user experience.

There are $150,000 in prizes, with special awards for the best living room, kitchen, bedtime, morning, kids, and in-skill purchasing expriences.


SXSW 2019 Hackathon (March 12 & 13) in Austin, TX

SXSW is now accepting applications for their sixth annual hackathon. Join developers, coders, and tech creatives to build tech that addresses the range of media covered at SXSW from Music to VR, AR, AI, and Blockchain.

The top three projects will be awarded cash prizes by our panel of top-level industry & creative judges, plus an opportunity to join the SXSW Hackathon Incubator.

☝️ All applications must be received before March 5, 2019.


Microsoft Graph Security Hackathon

Corporate security is tough. While most companies use a variety of specialized tools to audit their attack surface, investigate attacks, and secure devices & user data, these tools aren't designed to communicate with each other.

Siloed software leads to hacky integrations which at best, don't work well and at worst, provide a false sense of security.

But, Microsoft believes you can solve these integration challenges using their new Graph Security API and is offering $15,000 in prizes to prove they're serious!

This API is a unified REST endpoint that makes it easy to access & act on security insights from an ecosystem of connected security solutions.


Twitch AWS Extensions Challenge

First, Twitch turned the live streaming world upside down. Now they’re partnering with AWS to elevate the streaming experience with Twitch Extensions.

Extensions are apps that can interact with live streams as a panel on a channel or a video overlay, creating a fully interactive experience between content creators & their viewers.

Get your hands dirty and build your first Extension using the WYSIWYG Twitch Extensions Sandbox. Then, distribute it on the Twitch Developer Portal for a chance to win $26,500 in prizes.


Local hackathons in January–March