You can hear Alexa's voice in homes, cars, and on the go. Her hands & eyes-free interface helps you get things done, on your terms, without switching contexts. And now, Amazon wants you to bring voice computing into the classroom with the Alexa Skills For Students.

The challenge: Build an Alexa Skill for busy students focusing on their studies. Your skill could help students manage their schedule, create virtual flash cards, or provide on-demand tutoring.

It's not all about grades either; your submission can fall into one of three categories: Student life, Learning, or Community.

There are $30,590 in prizes including DeepLens video cameras, Echo devices, AWS credits, and Amazon gift cards.

This hackathon is open to residents of the US who are both 18+ years old and members of the AWS Educate program—an initiative designed to train tomorrow's cloud experts today.

Register today and submit your app before April 1st, 2019.

Featured hackathons


MESG Hackathon

Build a kickass application with MESG: a blockchain-compatible building platform, with decentralized capabilities, complete with an open unregulated marketplace of services.

Your MESG app could be anything from a multinational DApp store, to an automated business workflow, to an automatic payment of personal bills or linking real-time notifications to blockchain events. Submissions are due February 18th and there are $10,000 in prizes.


Twitch AWS Extensions Challenge

First, Twitch turned the live streaming world upside down. Now they’re partnering with AWS to elevate the streaming experience with Twitch Extensions.

Extensions are apps that can interact with live streams as a panel on a channel or a video overlay, creating a fully interactive experience between content creators & their viewers.

Get your hands dirty and build your first Extension using the WYSIWYG Twitch Extensions Sandbox. Then, distribute it on the Twitch Developer Portal for a chance to win $26,500 in prizes.


WRC Blockchain Hackathon

Wastewater Reuse Certificates (WRCs) are tradeable, electronic certificates, used to track industrial & manufacturing & agricultural water utilization throughout Maharashtra, India. Underperform your WRC qouta, and you'll have to buy WRCs, overperform (yay!) and you can sell your excess WRCs on the open market.

For this hackathon, you'll develop application using Blockchain to manage issuance, storage and trading of WRCs. ₹ 175,000 in prizes!


SXSW 2019 Hackathon (March 12 & 13) in Austin, TX

SXSW is now accepting applications for their sixth annual hackathon. Join developers, coders, and tech creatives to build tech that addresses the range of media covered at SXSW from Music to VR, AR, AI, and Blockchain.

The top three projects will be awarded cash prizes by our panel of top-level industry & creative judges, plus an opportunity to join the SXSW Hackathon Incubator.

☝️ All applications must be received before March 5, 2019.


Microsoft Graph Security Hackathon

Corporate security is tough. While most companies use a variety of specialized tools to audit their attack surface, investigate attacks, and secure devices & user data, these tools aren't designed to communicate with each other.

Siloed software leads to hacky integrations which at best, don't work well and at worst, provide a false sense of security.

But, Microsoft believes you can solve these integration challenges using their new Graph Security API and is offering $15,000 in prizes to prove they're serious!

This API is a unified REST endpoint that makes it easy to access & act on security insights from an ecosystem of connected security solutions.


Local hackathons in February–April