Stand with us as we see a property released!!
YWAM Ember Ink

It's been a sweet ride!!
From here to there!

So, If I could put all that has been happening over the past few weeks/months in a single word, I would probably be 'STRETCH'!!

Sometimes when you say yes to God, you need to be stretched to be able to do your part. Here at Ember Ink, when we said yes to doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS) we soon realised all that needed to happen...

But its happening, its exciting, and we're nervously confident at what God can do as we look, dream and plan!!  One thing we have realised is that as we humble ourselves, trust and obey, He directs our paths and as we focus on building His Kingdom not our own, He does what we cannot!!

For those of you that are unaware of what a DTS is please click through here as it may give you a bit of an idea what we are heading into...

Our new website is almost done!!  As we launch it before the end of this month please pray that the little finishing touches that always seem to take more time than intended would come together and we could use it to promote and draw attention to the upcoming DTS (Discipleship Training School) in the fall of 2012!

God Story!!
We have been greatly taken care of financially over the past month with some timely and much appreciated gifts.  A couple of examples are a few weeks ago we had some bills piling up and extra expenses, particularly from our recent move that all added up to $2000 that we just didn't have and didn't know where it was coming from.  

Angela then received a phone call from a friend who pledged the exact amount needed and we found out later that God had been prompting her to give for a little while but when she finally did it was exactly when we needed it.  Just this week, I took some more needs to the Lord in prayer, we had another committment that we just couldn't make and literally later that day we recieved an anonymous donation of $1000!  

We are so grateful for His constant care and provision and for people willing to give towards our work and vision.  Whether your gifts have been large or small we are grateful for your sowing into Ember Ink and we are excited to see the fruit that will begin to appear as we persevere and continue to step out in faith.


Keep reading about the recent developments of us getting back to San Jose and how you can help.

Ember Ink
Prayer & Needs

Scouting Trip:
We are planning on heading out as a family to visit some locations in preparation of the DTS we are running in the fall.  Our initial estimates are that we will need to see $12000 released for this.  If you would like to help us with this need please head over to our page at and give through the donation page.  We are grateful for any amount you are able to give, big or small.

Haythorpe News

Faith Stories: 
Follow our journey as we share our adventure in hearing God, obeying Him and learning lessons along the way.  Join us as we record our history of understanding more of the Father and celebrate His Goodness and Faithfulness as we venture into the depths of living by faith!

We leave for Australia in 10 days to spend the Holidays there. We would your prayer over this time as we reconnect with family and friends. This is our first trip back to Australia since we moved to the USA 2 years ago! We are very excited to see our loved ones and celebrate a summer-time Christmas Down Under.

From donating equipment
to giving to our
Property Acquisition Fund
no amount is too small
or too big.

Learn how you can partner with the Haythorpes as they pioneer one of YWAM San Francisco's newest ministry plants in San Jose, CA. 

Searching for a San Jose Facility

Ember Ink's intention is to minister in the downtown area of San Jose, CA - the largest city in the Bay Area: We are looking for a facility that will be able to accommodate a large number of people, have a room for a classroom, a music studio, an art studio and a little office space. If you are aware of a facility that ticks those boxes, please contact us with the information.

To acquire such a facility, we have started a Property Acquisition Fund for Ember Ink. Our target is to raise $800,000 to purchase a facility by April. Please contact us if you would like to help us fund-raise or would like to make an end of year tax donation toward this project.
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