Officially moving back down to San Jose & Africa recap and DTS update!

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Update May 2012

Moving back down to San Jose!

Well, just to keep you all updated on a great month.  While we feel sometimes quite overwhelmed at all the mountains needed to be moved, we have been incredibly blessed along the way.  A beautiful family in San Jose has opened up their home for 5 weeks for us to stay beginning in mid June.  Please be praying for permanent housing to be released in the next 6 weeks.  The last time we were in this situation we were house-sitting at our friends the Manley's and saw God release a miracle house in the space of a few days!  So, we are really hopeful for a cool repeat!!!! :)

We are still praying that a home would be released for our family in this time and we are also needing to secure a rental home for the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and our staff.  We are learning so much about faith.  Holding onto promises and just finding joy amongst the craziness of our lives.  After visiting Masipumelele, South Africa, we recognise that we have so much to be thankful for and that trip again helped us place things in perspective :)

Thank you for all of you who have contributed so much to our family, I have been overwhelmed at the generosity and support from all of you as you have prayed, encouraged and given.

Our trip to South Africa was incredibly timely and along the way we saw what a perfect location and ministry 'Justice Doll' is for us to lend our support and gifts as Ember Ink.  Although we did not have a strong relationship with our hosts at first, we really bonded over the week we were there. There were incredible moments of ministry and vulnerability as we saw the beauty and the pain of the people of 'Masi'.  You will see the results of our time as we launch our project pages in a little over a month!!

Our preparations for DTS are coming along, we are starting to build a healthy number of students for our school.  We currently have 2 staff on board in addition to us which in itself makes everything just a little more possible! :)  If you know of anyone who is feeling stirred to mission or get closer to God please refer them to us, we still have plenty of room on the DTS!  We believe that this student group will bring so much life to the neighbourhoods of San Jose!!

So our prayer points and needs are... brace yourself!!...  We have lot!! Ha, Ha! ;)
  • Release of a home in Downtown San Jose (It's coming! We know it! So help us pray it in!!).  We have been encouraged lately and know that He is working in the background to make it a reality!  We are still taking pledges!  
  • The RIGHT students for our first DTS!  We have some quality students already and excited to see who else God brings along!!
  • A rental for the DTS and Staff (preferable a 3-4 bedroom under $2000 per month) that is in located in Downtown.
  • We are purchasing a smaller car for running around, from some family that are moving overseas. We are getting a great deal for it! So if you would like to help out with our purchase, we would be super grateful.
  • If you are able to hop on our monthly support team this would be HUGE for us.  We have greater needs as the year goes on, including an outreach in November which we are planning to take our whole family. 
  • A need coming up soon is that Ang and I are looking at attending a leadership conference in late July in Colorado. If any of you have any miles to spare to get us out there please let us know!!
One more thing, if any of you would be interested in joining on one of our outreach teams later in the year (November/December), please indicate your interest to us and we will keep you posted on that possibility!

I apologize for the long update, but again thank you for all of your encouragement, support and prayers as we navigate this journey!!

Love you all!!

Luke, Angela and children.
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