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Update July 2014

37 Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him. John 12:37

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My prayer for today is for you to draw close to Jesus. No matter the pressure, stress, difficulty or any situation you face today, know that He is near to those who humble themselves and cry out for Him.

I woke up today feeling immense stress. As I stopped to pinpoint where it was coming from, I realized most of the stress points were concerning things I am responsible for, some relating to ministry/work, some to family.

I was struck by how much of the stress and anxiety I was feeling was centered on things that I am not in control of. I realize that my stress and anxiety comes from a place of unbelief in the character of God.

It is such a humbling yet freeing moment to realize when you become stuck and entangled in being your own god. We aren't meant to be a god, we are built and designed to be dependent on the one true God.

For me, today, it is such a life-giving moment to recognize my frailty yet in the same moment have such joy and freedom as I see that all along He is beside me, behind me and ahead of me.

Be encouraged today that He is close to you.

Please check out our areas of need and prayer requests we have this month, we have plenty!!!

Luke and Angela


more of whats going on...

Haythorpe Happenings

We have our gorgeous children home for summer. We had hoped to go camping, however, the site we had booked out has been closed for the summer due to the severe drought we are currently experiencing here in California. So, we are looking into alternative options before its too late!!

Last week we said goodbye to Hillary. Hillary was living with us for the past three months helping with 'Youth Street'. She was such a blessing and we are gonna miss her SO much! 

With Hillary here, we were reminded of how incredible it is when someone is willing to give themselves to the Lord, of how powerful it can be. We saw many doors open for ministry just from her presence and willingness to say "Lord, I will do whatever you ask." This gets us really excited for the new staff joining us THIS MONTH! We are not only counting down the days until they come but we are encouraged of how much life is brought by each individual as they bring their own unique gifts!!

More on the Haythorpes...

Finance News

This Month
We've added this section in to be transparent with all of you as you invest in prayer and finances with us. 
I've just updated our urgent needs section of our website. If you are in a position to help us this month please check out our needs here.
This Year
While we have an imminent need this week, we have some significant needs coming up in the next few months if you could be prayerful about considering a donation towards our family in ministry we would be incredibly grateful as from July - March we enter an incredibly full time as a family and we would appreciate your help in a big way.

There is a breakdown of the need if you click through to the urgent need page. 

More on our current needs...

Ministry Matters

We have 3 accepted students with another 8 processing. Please keep our students in your prayers as they take this big step of faith, it is always an incredible experience of them drawing closer to God and learning about more of His heart! Our hope is to have at least 12 students attend this DTS. 

Youth Street
We are seeing incredible relationships built and nourished. We are excited to welcome new staff to our team to continue to pour out love on the 'Youth Street' crew!

As you know, YWAM Ember Ink is rapidly growing! We are excited for what this new season has for us as we welcome more staff and students into our ministry.  More people + increased local ministry has left us with a need of a facility. We are looking for accommodation, offices and a space to hold 'Youth Street' and DTS Lectures.

Please be PRAYING for us as we move this forward. We have staff arriving in a month and students arriving in 2 months. We are hoping to raise an initial amount of $30,000 in 3 weeks to be able to secure the lease on a facility and/or houses. Will you stand with us as we step out in faith trusting the Lord for a breakthrough? We are in need of pledges and donations so we are able to make a decision upon finding the right space.

To find out more go to - www.emberink.com/donate/property

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Prayer Requests


Its summer time right now and the best word to use for this time is "ADRENALINE". We have been working around the clock to get ready for the people coming for Ember Ink but we also have kids, kids, KIDS around us 24/7. It has been a challenge yet fun to have their smiling faces around the house and see their creativity blossom when they're "bored".... Now, only if we can get them to clean up when they get creative. ;)

We are mindful to try to take days off here and there just for the family. Unfortunately our camping trip was cancelled but we hope to find another way to get away over those vacation days... suggestions are welcome!


Fundraising -  As this YWAM ministry grows, we are tenaciously seeking and leaning more on the Lord. To move us forward and prepare for this exciting next season of growth in ministry we are believing God to release funds to be able to lease a facility. This is a BIG faith step but we know it will enable us to have much more impact in the community. It will also enable to move offices out of our home which is important for our family.

Staff Housing - As we grow, we need to see some permanent housing for our long term staff. We'd appreciate prayer as we really want/need it to be God led in location, rent, landlord, neighbors and timing. With up to 4 staff joining us in late July please pray for us to walk through the best doors!
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