Thankful for His grace. Excited for rest!
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March 2015
Finishing Well. What is God's narrative?
Hi everyone! I had promised in my last update that I would provide a little more detail on what we are up to and what had transpired over the last 7 months. 

In what has been a stretching time for both our family and our team we surface for air at the end, grateful for the experience with much to take away and learn from. 

A lesson that I have recently taken to heart is searching for God's narrative instead of relying on my own. It has been easy for me to look at a circumstance, season, failure through eyes unable to see the bright spots or not learn from the lessons I've been through. Through all that's happened this season, I've been challenged to try and see all things (good or what I perceive as bad) through His perspective.

When I (Luke) arrived home from Australia, I found myself in an unexpected season of quiet amidst much activity going on around me. Coming from a lot of people and activity to a quiet home gave me an incredible few weeks of reflection and perspective that has proved to be much needed and helpful for me/us as we navigate the ins and outs of a very full and intense life/calling.

Instead of entertaining thoughts of 'how long I can do this?' or 'How can I move forward?', I have been asking much more healthy and life-giving questions. The questions like, 'God, what are you teaching me right now?' or 'God, how do you see me?' has shifted from me trying to survive to a place of hope and peace in my spirit.... slowing down my restless heart and anxious thoughts, prompting me to live and walk out in a peace and in the best frame of mind and spirit that I can. 

I feel WAY more healthy and able to organize priorities in regards to how I can best lead myself, my marriage, my family and the ministry work I am called to.

Please keep us in your prayers as we look forward to a season of establishing the beautiful and hopeful people and ministries within Ember Ink. We need prayer as we creating a more healthy space within our family as we continue in our calling.
We did it!!
The first SJ DTS is finished!

Having watched Ange give birth 4 times, each labor was different but painful. I was in that room when the feeling of relief came after that final push and, at the end of it all, we came out of it with something beautiful. I have always been in the place of support and observing but I think the closest thing I'll ever feel to labor was the pioneering of this Discipleship Training School (DTS). The emotional, spiritual and physical energy (a lot of times painful) that we put into this school definitely coins the phrase 'labor of love'.  We have grown so much as a ministry and as individuals through this experience. We saw lives imprinted with the love of Jesus... and we saw it all happen in our city of San Jose. This is something we've been working towards for 4 years! We are so blessed by all the support rallied around us and Ember Ink as we worked tirelessly to do this. Although we are welcoming this space to breathe and reflect, we are already getting applications for our next DTS! From what I'm told, you forget what the labor feels like but you are more prepared the next time around... so we welcome this beautiful gift of success and season of rest but we prepare for what God may lead us into for the next DTS. Thank you for your prayer!
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A season of REST
(Refreshing, Energy, Sustenance, Tranquil)

Coming out of this season, Angela and I have recognized in particular she is in need of an intentional time of rest. A time to shift out of some of her responsibilities within Ember Ink, particularly the day-to-day activities, so that we can continue on in a healthy manner as a family.

We are so encouraged that this is an option for us! In the past we haven't seen how we can do this but now as our team has grown in number, health and capacity we are excited to see how this positive change will affect our family and ministry.

Please be praying for us as we step into this. We haven't traditionally rested well so we are putting a lot of thought and planning in this. Please be
praying for our staff team and family during this time.

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House Parties.

Our Heart
Our last major update at the beginning of the year I had expressed that one of the words I had been getting is that we were transitioning into a season of stability with our finances. Along with this, we are spending more time identifying what our needs are as we continue to pioneer Ember Ink, both from our family need's and goals and the ministry goals we have.

As we do this, our desire is to do a better job of educating our partners in the work we are doing and the direction we are taking. We have a also desire for more people to partner alongside us as we move forward.

One of the easy, helpful formats that we imagine we could organise is to have small house parties of people interested to help us get to where we believe to go. Our needs range from nourishing and supporting our family's needs to providing specific and intentional support directly towards the ministry of Ember Ink. Depending on what area (Haythorpes or Ember Ink) the host is interested in, each party would be focused towards one or the other.

The Opportunity.
If over the next few months you would like to host a night in your home and invite friends, colleagues, or a small group that may want to help us with our mission here in San Jose, we would be so grateful.

The night would consist of us bringing the presentation of What Ember Ink is, why it exists, what is our vision, what has been our plan and current activities we have implemented and how people can be involved. We provide options of (Pray, Give, Go). We are willing to include worship depending on the nature of your gathering and your preference. 

You would be committing to inviting and gathering guests, and providing a simple dessert or refreshments. 

To organize an event please let us know your interest, it would be so encouraging to us as we face many challenges of growth.

We will come whether there is 2 people or 20! If you are not in the area we are willing to travel to you (within reason and dependent on schedule) You might just get one of us though :)

Thank you for considering!




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