pray for us as we establish Ember Ink in San Jose!
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New Year, Bring it!!

Well, we have just arrived back from a wonderful time with family and friends in Australia. We are very refreshed and looking forward to what this year has to offer!! I don't know if you can relate but sometimes it is just so healthy to step back, rest and enjoy the company of those you love and in our case have left. Please bear with me, this update is longish but I would love to keep you all abreast of what we are up to!

Our first challenge upon arriving back here in the States is getting back to San Jose (we have been living in San Francisco during our travels). As we have been praying and considering how to do this, I (Luke) felt encouraged from God that He will move on our behalf. We are hoping, as a family, to purchase a property in the downtown area of San Jose.  As we prayed we realized that this would be an important faith step for us.

We are wanting to move back to San Jose as soon as possible, even as early as March. It will take a miracle!  We have found a few suitable homes that we have looked at, if you would like to know more please ask!  For a more detailed explanation of what we are believing for you can click here to read about it.

It has been so important in this time for us not to be discouraged as we look at the mountains before us. Instead, we ask for you to stand with us as we believe for God to do great things on our behalf and release what we need for our family and this next phase of Ember Ink! We're fighting to get back to San Jose as we have heard the Lord to be there and we need people to fight with us and help us get there. We really welcome your prayers! If you are in a position to help or maybe know of someone who would be willing to invest or give, please contact us.

I am also excited to let you guys have a sneak preview of our new website! If you want to have a look and a bit of a click around you can go here.  It is going live this week! The website has been a long time in the making and we are finally ready to release the first stage as we start promoting our first DTS as Ember Ink!! I hope that it may help you understand where we are going and what we are hoping to do here in San Jose! 


Luke and Angela Haythorpe

Ember Ink News

DTS September:
Please be praying for us as we plan, prepare and promote for our upcoming DTS in the Fall! If you know of anyone who would be ready for a DTS please refer them!

Keep checking out Ember Ink web page for recent news!

Haythorpe News

Faith Stories: 
Follow our journey as we share our adventure in hearing God, obeying Him and learning lessons along the way.  Join us as we record our history of understanding more of the Father and celebrate His Goodness and Faithfulness as we venture into the depths of living by faith!

Up and Coming:

Outreach: If anyone is interested in joining us as we travel to visit some ministries in the summer let us know.  While we haven't nailed down dates we are looking at going june/july.

Ember Nights: Our restarting of Ember Nights is dependant on when we can get back to San Jose.  Ember Nights are a low-key night of worship as we set time aside to pursue the person of Jesus.  We will keep you posted when they restart!  Our hope is to start up again in March!!

STAFF: Please be praying as we continue to recruit people to staff alongside us, our heart is to see people that are called to serve and create with us!  We have some great people coming and some good prospects, we can't wait to introduce them to you!!
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To make a donation towards our family in ministry please donate online here. For other ways to donate please visit this page , you will be required to fill out a form before further instructions of how to give.
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