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Tidings from Suzane Van Amburgh 

"Centered, grounded,
comfortable in my own skin.
I found 
space to move. " 
This edition:
4. Now Chief Instructor
3. Body Worlds field trip
2. Lesson Special: Gravity
1. SuPrize for scrolling down

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Are you friends with Gravity?  (scroll down)

Aikido Multnomah Aikikai
4. Now Chief Instructor at Aikido Multnomah Aikikai
I've recently taken on the role of Chief Instructor at Aikido Multnomah Aikikai.  Aki Fleshler Sensei, happy and healthy, now holds the postion of Technical Director for the school.  Robert Scollard is now Assistant Chief Instructor and continues as Director of the Childrens Program. 2012 marks my 30 years practicing Aikido. To celebrate I'll be rolling out new opportunities in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and visit the dojo: Multnomah Aikikai.
Radio Lab proprioception
1. SuPrize
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Radio Lab segment explains our postion sense (proprioception) in a most entertaining way: 
BodyWorlds visit

3. Body Worlds
"Let's go!"

Wouldn't it be fun to go see the Body Worlds exhibit with a bunch of people who study movement?  Martial artists of all sorts, somatic educators, dancers, yogis, their friends and family. Yeah, that's the idea. Field Trip!  Sunday, January 22, 2012. Hey, if you act before Jan 4 you can get in on discounted tickets. Read the details here. Save the date and send an email expressing your interest to:
movement sculpts the brain

2. Harmony with Gravity

How's your relationship with Gravity?
Do you find yourself fighting her, or are you working with her? Gravity is bigger than all of us and she will have her way with you ...eventually. Make friends with Gravity. Find space to move. 
Harmony with Gravity or Bokken for Balance lesson series are available at a special price when you book by January 7th.  Six sessions for just $300. That's $90 off the regular lesson rate. To book, email me or see all the lessons offered at: 

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