Hi again!

I'm writing to you again today, this time because HUB needs your help:

Tell Your Mayor You Want Metro Vancouver's Transportation & Funding Plan to Support Investments in Cycling
Right now, our Mayors are developing recommendations for a new regional transportation plan and how to fund it. Cycling must not be forgotten in the current discussions, so HUB local committee chairs and the Board of Directors have sent their letter of recommendations to the Mayor's Council asking for significant increases in cycling investment. 
We need the Mayors and MLAs to hear your voice too. Please consider writing an email or letter to your decision-makers, listed below, to let them know that cycling is an important and needed investment


Maple Ridge: Ernie Daykin - 


Pitt Meadows: Deb Walters -

Provincial Government Transportation Elected Officials

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure - Todd Stone -

Transit Critic, MLA for Vancouver-Fairview - George Heyman - 

Ministry of Transportation Critic, MLA for North Island - Claire Trevena - 

MLA's for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows:

MLA for Maple Ridge/Mission - Marc Dalton -

MLA Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows - Dr. Doug Bing

Refer to information in this News item to express your support for a connected cycling network, reduced congestion and costs, improved access to suburban transit, and increased equity.
More investment in cycling will get more people riding bikes! It also helps: 
  • Relieve congestion on roads and on the busiest transit segments 
  • Reduce costs - 13 km of bike lanes can be built for every 1 km of car lanes  
  • Improve access to outlying transit stations 
  • Provide equity through development of a more affordable transportation option for Metro Vancouver's residents (saving ~$1,100/year over monthly transit pass, or ~$10,100/year over owning and operating a car) 
Read HUB's full letter of recommendations with statistics and references here

Thanks for your help and support!
Jackie Chow
Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Chapter
HUB: Your Cycling Connection

We make cycling better through education, action and events.  More cycling means healthier, happier, more connected communities. We’re leading the way in making cycling an attractive choice for everyone.

Visit the HUB website at: https://bikehub.ca/ and the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows committee's blog at: http://www.rmcyclist.info/.
Our meetings are every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Maple Ridge Public Library - look for us upstairs in the Alouette Room - from 6:45 to 8:45 pm. Everyone is welcome to join us to find out more about what we're doing, and possibly to become involved yourself!
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