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Bad timing; good intentions.

It struck me that this email may appear to be insensitive or ill-timed given all of the travesties that our country and our world have been facing as of late. I thought about whether the timing was right to send an email full of "fluffy" news, asking for donations, pushing my books, talking about a "cat president," American Ninja Warrior, and so forth. After questioning whether or not it was okay to send, I decided that it was: we could all use a little good news now and then. Sometimes, we need a little "fluff."  I have struggled lately with feeling helpless: there are so many bad things are going on all around us and in some cases happening to us. I feel so deeply and hurt so much for this broken world, but yet I don't know how to help, or how to fix it. I don't know what actions to take, or what is appropriate to do or say.  I only know what is in my own heart; I only know how I feel. But how *I* feel is NOT what's important.

What's important is how our individual actions make others feel. Let's try to love more, and hate less. Let's THINK about how other people feel. Step outside of our little self-absorbed boxes and take a good, hard, long look at the reality that surrounds us: a reality that so many of us are privileged (yes, privileged!) to be able to willfully ignore.

So many people in our society cannot turn off that reality. Ignoring -- and ignorance -- are not the answer. I don't have the answers and I will never pretend that I do, but I can say this: something has to change. That's apparent. Until we can develop and express empathy towards our brothers and sisters in this country and across the world, nothing will ever change or progress.

So I ask that you love someone today, that you do good where you are, how you can, with what you have. Do good in your little corner of the world and spread joy and love as best you can. My words may offend some, but I hope that they won't. I hope that my intentions come through pure and clear, and that my words may uplift or cause you all to take pause and consider your thoughts, words, and actions moving forward.

Let's try in our own way, however we can, to heal this broken world together.

Love and light,

PS: I know I'm asking for a lot: "buy my books!" "donate to Dolly's presidential campaign" and so on -- but if those things don't speak to your heart, maybe these things will:

Some special people I know are going through hard times. Please read about my friend Frank's battle with "Timmy the Tumor" and Hope & Steve's difficult but love-filled journey. Contribute if you feel called to do so.

Thank you for your consideration. Read on for more.

Dolly for President - FIX AMERICA
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