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President’s Message
Presented by Blake A. Brunsdon, RPF
We were very pleased with the attendance at our Virtual Annual Meeting on March 30th. Our online attendance was 70 members; a number that significantly exceeds our normal in-person AGM attendance. Based upon this very positive experience and our interest in improving accessibility; your Executive Committee has decided to offer an online attendance option for all our future AGMs (of course we remain optimistic and hopeful that in 2022 we will be able to offer an in-person session).  In addition, our Association has invested in our own dedicated “Zoom” Virtual Meeting License. We are now using this platform for our Executive and other Sub-Committee meetings, and we plan to offer some Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) opportunities for members later this year.
Speaking of Continuing Education, I encourage every practicing member to bring your CFE records up to date. This can quickly and easily be done through our simplified process on the ARPFNB website. All practicing ARPFNB members are required to complete at least 100 CFE credit hours over the previous three year period. If you are in need of CFE credits, there is a myriad of relevant online webinars that can be readily (and often freely) accessed online simply by googling your topic of interest (one of the very few positive outcomes stemming from the past 15 months of COVID restrictions).
The annual dues invoices have recently been sent out, and we are hoping that everyone will make your payments without delay. We encourage and greatly appreciate the voluntary donations to our Scholarship Fund we receive from our Life Members. Payments (by credit card) can be quickly and easily made by clicking the “Review and Pay” button on the email invoice you received, or by visiting the ARPFNB website, or you can mail your cheque to the ARPFNB office.
You are probably aware that we are working with the New Brunswick Forest Technicians Association (NBFTA) to develop “Right to Practice” (RTP) processes, procedures and legislation regarding forestry in New Brunswick. At both our respective recent annual general meetings, the topic of RTP was discussed with our members, and each Association has received favorable membership support to continue these discussions and efforts. Looking forward, this year we will be working on proposed legislation and by-laws, and broadening our stakeholder consultation. We are planning some online Q&A and feedback sessions for ARPFNB and NBFTA members for later this year. We are still several years away from having a finalized proposed legislation to take to Government.
I look forward to the COVID restrictions being eased as most of us get vaccinated and herd immunity becomes established. Hopefully later this summer we can get back to more normal lives, and our Association can facilitate more networking and in-person social interactions with our members, colleagues and stakeholders.
In the meantime - through this COVID pandemic; we can be thankful for the strong leadership, compliance, commitment and kindness demonstrated by New Brunswickers. We are indebted to our front line workers.


Your ARPFNB Executive Committee is considering a new initiative to mentor UNB and UdeMoncton Forestry students, and introduce them to professional role models. Hopefully this program will stimulate the students to become members of our Association.
We are still in the early stages of planning this program, and we would greatly appreciate feedback from our members regarding your thoughts and potential assistance to participate in meeting, mentoring and hosting interested forestry students. Some specific potential activities that we are considering include:
  • Hosting “meet and greet” sessions for ARPFNB members and forestry students at UNB and UdeMoncton.
  • Hosting “field site visits” for small groups of interested forestry students.
  • Hosting a one on one visit to your worksite for an interested forestry student.
  • Offering “lunch & learn” seminars on specific forestry topics of interest at UNB and/or UdeMoncton.
We are hoping that you will take a few minutes to respond to our brief on-line survey regarding your potential support and participation in these activities.

Continuing Forestry Education (CFE)

At the last AGM, there was a discussion about the need to increase the participation of all members to record their CFE. To facilitate this process, we will provide you with a few quick answers to frequently asked questions.

1.What are the different categories?

There are 3 categories where you can obtain credits.

Category 1 – Formal
Anything that provides training or new information. Conferences, workshops, webinars (includes the CIF lecture series or any other sessions pertaining to forestry and your job). You need a minimum 36 hours over a 3-year period – there is no maximum. You could have 100 hrs. over 3 years in category one if you chose.  One hour of attendance equals one credit. A field training/session would also be one credit for each hour of instruction – minus the bus ride, naturally!

Category 2 – On your own
This is for reading articles and attending forestry associations meetings. There are no maximum or minimum for this category.  One hour of reading or attending a meeting equals one credit.

Category 3 – Professional growth
This category focusses on you giving back to the profession. There are no maximum or minimum for this category.  In this category, the credits are pre-defined by the action. Here is a short list of the most current:
  • If you make a one-hour presentation =5 credits
  • Publishing a peer technical review article = 15 credits
  • Being on the ARFPNB executive committee or being a chair = 12 credits per year
  • Actively participating on a forestry committee = 5 credits per year
  • Each month you are in good standing with the ARPFNB = 1 credit (12 for the year)
  • Article in a newspaper or magazine = 5 credits
If you have other activities that would belong in this category and are not listed, please ask the executive director for guidance.

2. Who audits the CFE?
Each year a 5% sample is audited. This audit team consist of the ARPFNB Registrar and administrative assistant and the president. The records are audited for accuracy and completeness. It is a good practice to keep a folder of the agendas, promo materials, lists of articles, etc. to back up your claims.

3. When does the 3 years start?
Theoretically, the 3-year period started the day you became a registered professional forester, however since this is not a practical solution; the ARPFNB will start the 3-year period January 1, 2019 or the day you became a registered professional forester, whichever is later.

4. Are we in the same range as other RPF across the country?
The ARPFNB CFE program is on par with the other RPF jurisdictions in Canada; we are even in the lower end of requirements.

5. Who can help me?
Vanessa Quarré, Executive Assistant is the best one to help you out with the system, if you have questions on your activities and where they fit in, please reach out to anyone on the executive or Ed Czerwinski, Executive Director if you are really stuck!!  We still accept the paper form if members chose to submit their CFEs that way.
We need to adhere to our bylaws and do what we say we are going to do!!  If you have difficulty meeting the requirements of the 100 hours in 3 years, please let us know and we can provide assistance in obtaining them. No one will be left behind!!

- Anne LeBrun Ruff, RPF
EDUCATION RECORDS | How to use our online reporting system


Habitat selection by white-tailed deer in New Brunswick within summer home ranges

Guest Speaker: Philip Wiebe biologist with Canadian Forest Service
June 24, 2021 2:00 – 3:00 PM AST

Can Intermediate Treatments in Hardwood and Mixedwood stands help sustain and increase our wood supply?

Guest Speaker: Gaetan Pelletier, Executive Director of the Northern Hardwoods Research Institute
July 8, 2021 2:00 – 3:00 PM AST

Continuing Competency Credits for ARPFNB member = 1 for each e-lecture
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