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Chris Cook

Liquidation—the ugly side for directors

If it sounds too good to be true: it really is!

Chris Cook - Partner, Worrells Brisbane

Michael Peldan

Trading trusts and insolvency law

What happens when the trustee becomes insolvent?

Michael Peldan - Partner, Worrells Brisbane

Nick Cooper

I'm bankrupt—can I travel overseas?

What factors do bankruptcy trustees consider?

Matthew Kucianski - Manager, Worrells Melbourne & Ringwood

industry news

Personal insolvency still increasing

September qtr. 2016 hinges off two major trends.

Aaron Lucan - Partner, Worrells Sydney, Central West & Orana

Aaron Lucan

Research & Development Tax Refunds: a source of funding

Innovative funding ideas for innovative firms.

simon cathro - Partner Worrells sydney

Simon Cathro

Worrells 2016/17 Guide to
Personal Insolvency

Worrells Guide to Insolvency

25,000 Guides to Personal Insolvency—in circulation! 

The latest edition of our Guide to Personal Insolvency is in circulation across Australia.
To reduce the noise in the industry and put the stigma around insolvency into perspective, we offer the business community a distilled tool, in the form of the Guide to Insolvency, a useful point of reference to assist in understanding the insolvency issues.

The 2016/17 Personal Guide offers a fresh perspective with new case studies, updated statistics and industry commentary. Get the Guide to Personal Insolvency, to get the answers on:

Personal Administration Types
> Bankruptcy
> Getting out of bankruptcy
> Section 73 proposals
> Part X Personal Insolvency Agreements

> Divisible property in bankruptcy
> Bankruptcy and the home
> Income contributions in bankruptcy
> Void transactions in bankruptcy
> Preferences in bankruptcy
> Voiding superannuation contributions

> Doctrine of exoneration
> Capital Gains Tax and insolvency
> Goods and Services Tax and insolvency

> Proofs of debt and securities
> Dividends
> Objections to discharge
> Discharge and annulment

For extra copies: marketing@worrells.net.au

Follow our dedicated LinkedIn page on the Guide to Insolvency: Worrells Guide to Insolvency - LinkedIn

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Pepsi got its name from the digestive enzyme pepsin.
Source: Buzzfeed
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